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5 Successful Power BI Dashboard Examples to Inspire You

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Which among the two would you prefer to use; giving long and boring statements about results or a striking storytelling data visualization tool that conveys information and promotes engagement persuasively. We bet your answer would be the latter. Storytelling has become critical in the contemporary business world if you are looking for genuine engagement.

Data visualization tools like dashboards offer advanced capabilities that allow you to create data-backed and meaningful stories. Power BI operations dashboard is one such data visualization tool that can help you get a consolidated view of your business.

Let’s explore more about that in detail, including five inspirational examples that will help you get started with creating one of your own.

Overview of Power BI Visualization and how they work

From the vault of Microsoft comes this business intelligence tool that allows you to analyze data and create reports and power BI dashboard samples based on that information. It comes as a separate application for desktop users that also offers the benefits of a cloud-based service. There are two subscription options for users. The Power BI desktop is a free application, while the Power BI service is a paid one.

For people who are always on the go, there is also the Power BI mobile application. The Power BI inspiration embedded is another offering that you can use to embed the analytical capabilities of Power BI into custom web applications. You can use it with most other enterprise Microsoft applications.

One of the remarkable aspects of Power BI is that it can collect information from databases that are not a part of the Microsoft ecosystem. So you need not worry about the information source. Eye-catching power Bi data visualization remains a strong possibility even with non-standard data sources.

Examples of five dashboards that can serve as an inspiration for you

Here are some examples about analyzing and visualizing data with Power BI across various aspects of business

Airport Operations

Airport operations are a complex cobweb of procedures where a domino effect is likely even if one aspect goes wrong. This airport operations with power BI dashboard inspiration gives an overview of critical information like delays, ground handling time, and satisfaction index. It helps in making data-driven decisions to ensure smooth operations and better serving of passengers.

There are many other advanced capabilities like sorting passenger count by age group, gender, nationalities, and much more. On the operational front, there is also data related to incoming and outgoing flights, clearance time, and queuing. It helps the operations team in identifying bottlenecks and proposing areas of improvement.

Customer Analysis

This dashboard offers an excellent view of customer segmentation. There are valuable insights on offer about sales and profits from products through regional customers. It will thus help the decision-makers in identifying the profitable customers for improving revenue.

The data will be beneficial for sales and marketing teams to understand more about their profit-making customers. Their attributes will help in crafting future outreach campaigns that target a similar audience. This data-driven decision-making is ideal for businesses to drive predictable revenue that also eliminates the guesswork.

HR Analytics

You can get a comprehensive overview of the human resources of a company through this HR analytics dashboard. The four tabs related to the headcount, finance, demography, and employee details contain information that organizations can use for measures related to employee productivity and welfare.

The tabs further have rich insights like satisfaction scores, vacant positions, attrition rate, leave reasons, and much more. The satisfaction score will help the managers understand what makes employees happy. Data related to attrition is essential in figuring out the areas for improvement.

Business Performance Insights

This dashboard gives a complete overview of business based on critical information like the driving factors of performance. Organizations can use this dashboard to improve their decision-making process company-wide. There are rich insights like geographical distribution of profits and average order quantity.

The dashboard uses donut charts, line charts, maps, and other elements that make for insightful storytelling. It won’t take much time for the reader to get the complete picture of the business performance. The representation of the progress of achieving the total profit is another key indicator of business performance.

Sales Performance

How can sales be left behind when we talk of storytelling through insights and dashboards? This dashboard showcases various crucial metrics of the sales performance of an organization. Treemaps, shapes, DAX, and other elements help represent data in a manner that makes it easier for anyone to understand.

The dashboard has information related to the selling of products region-wise, unprofitable sectors, and sales and profit trends during different period of time. Sales managers can take this data into perspective to fix gaps and capitalize on areas where they have succeeded.

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