Built a Feature-rich Mobile Application for Community Healthcare Service in the US Enabling Efficient Medical Record Management and Communication with Patients 

Built a Feature-rich Mobile Application for Community Healthcare Service in the US Enabling Efficient Medical Record Management and Communication with Patients


  • Founded in 2001, our client is a Healthcare community and service provider connecting patients with expert healthcare services
  • Client required a centralized system to manage patient records and enable better virtual communication between patients and healthcare staff
  • Flatworld built a mobile app to bridge the communication gap between healthcare staff, service providers and patients which led to cost and time savings, with one place to communicate, collaborate and manage medical records.

The Story of Our Customer

The client was founded in 2001 and is a community healthcare system in multiple locations across the United States. They’ve been providing family health care to all members of the community for more than 20 years. They have multiple locations to serve, with extended and weekend hours and offer virtual Telehealth visits. The client was looking for a mobile app that would allow staff and patients to connect as a whole system, as well as keep all the patient’s medical records in one place and allow for virtual communication between all stakeholders.

The Challenge

Upon our initial contact, it was discovered that the program that hospital staff were using was outdated and lacked new features and functionalities. The healthcare team was unable to keep all the patient and staff data in one location. Communication with patients and internal staff was challenging because there was no video call facility accessible. There were numerous drawbacks because it was not possible to combine staff and patients into one program.

The client required a mobile app where staff and patients could connect on a single platform, where medical records of patients could be effectively kept in one system, and where virtual communication with healthcare staff was possible.

Some key challenges faced by the client were:

  • Lack of internal app to investigate patients’ medical records made patient data management strenuous, error-prone and unorganized
  • Client’s previous system lacked capabilities like setting up virtual hospital visits, notifications, appointments and internal communications which would improve the staff and patient experiences
  • Client faced resourcing challenges to maintain their workforce due to excessive cost of overheads from slowing processes and inaccuracies in the data
  • The lack of skilled resources to build an efficient system resulted in lower margins, lower profits and general market compression
  • Slow turnaround times due to limited functions of the legacy system resulted in inefficient healthcare service delivery impacting the community’s credibility
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Why the Customer Chose Us?

The client was facing difficulties in managing patient data effectively on their legacy system, and wanted to encourage better virtual communication between staff, service providers and patients. The extensive technology library and hands-on experience of our team was a winning factor that influenced the client’s decision to partner with us. From the initial discovery call, our team collaborated to produce mockups to demonstrate the possibilities of scaling their enterprise mobility solutions.

Our Solution

The requirements of our client were gathered, and our team was quick to introduce a strategic approach to app development. Flatworld took charge of overseeing the day-to-day practices of the healthcare facility and assessed the impacts on the client experience and organizational goals. Our team of technology experts used leading tech stacks like React Native, Laravel, Firebase, Twilio & Allscripts API to build a robust, intuitive and user-friendly mobile application for staff to manage patient data and connect with patients easily. Fulfilling HIPPA and GDPR compliance and leveraging agile development methodologies, Flatworld Edge was quick to design and deliver an application that could handle multiple requests simultaneously, manage health records and be used as a communication platform for patients and healthcare providers to connect.

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The Result

Flatworld’s agile app development approach resulted in immense time and cost savings. By enabling improved data management and enhancing communication capabilities for the client, the burden of managing medical records in silos was lifted. Flatworld Edge built a central portal for healthcare staff, service providers and patients to leverage virtual channels for diverse applications like availing services, seeking assistance, booking appointments and checking patient histories.

By deploying a secure mobile app to handle end-to-end healthcare record management and communication, the following outcomes were evaluated.

  • Achieved 99% and above accuracy in maintaining data integrity
  • Ensured a 24-hour TAT (Turnaround Time) at all stages of development
  • Improved overall productivity of healthcare staff by 30%
  • Enhanced client relations by offering user-friendly features and seamless access to services
  • The client witnessed a 30% increase in profits and over 40% decrease in costs

Accelerate Business Value with Streamlined Processes

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