Deployed Product Development and Support Team to Reduce Attrition and Expand the Knowledge Library of a Leading Technology Company in the USA



  • Founded in 1986, our client is a technology managed services company based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • The client required a team to handle the development and support of their products to build a knowledge base for uninterrupted service delivery by reducing team attrition
  • Flatworld EDGE provided a team of 3 FTEs on average at all times to provide consistent support services and build the product pipeline for 3 consecutive years, bolstering the client’s in-house operational bandwidth

The Story of Our Customer

Founded in 1986, the client started as a computer rental company and quickly grew to provide electronics support services and network administration. Today, the company is a leading managed IT services provider based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. With a strong emphasis on developing their ISP and networking capabilities, the client caters to business communities with tailored IT solutions and is recognized as one of the Inc 5000 fastest-growing companies in the region. The client approached Flatworld EDGE via our website, seeking a technical advantage to enhance and manage their product and associated support services.

The Challenge

Initially, the client had an in-house team to manage their product and develop customer solutions. Due to high team attrition, the in-house teams became expensive to maintain and affected the knowledge transfer and retention required for efficient business continuity of services. The lack of knowledge continuity lengthened development time and began to affect the cost-effectiveness and timeliness of products delivered to customers. What the client required was a technical product team to enhance their product, gather requirements, create a knowledge base, and provide support to their customers.

Key challenges faced by the client include:

  • High team attrition leading to increased expenses, and lowered productivity affecting team morale
  • Lack of consolidated strategy to build and maintain product’s knowledge base
  • Inefficient support to customers as product maintenance was an issue
  • Less technical expertise and tools required to scale and manage business performance
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Why the Customer Chose Us?

The client wanted to have a partner that could work on enhancing their product and maintain the continuity of knowledge to handle product support. Flatworld EDGE was approached for our expertise in deploying internal teams to handle end-to-end technology solutions and delivery of services with a proven track record of catering to the US and global markets.

Our Solution

Apart from providing the technical skills required to handle product performance and support, Flatworld EDGE deployed a team of experts to understand and learn the product, ensuring continued support. The team was able to quickly identify critical areas of improvement and implement a consolidated strategy to build and maintain a comprehensive knowledge base for the client.

We initially started with 1 FTE and increased to an average of 3 people to cover the development and support of all the modules. We also built in backups so they are never short of resources, and the customer can ramp up whenever there is demand. Our .NET expertise proved vital in securing the client’s operations, and we enabled VDI access to the client-server for maximum security.

Ensuring that the client operations were all handled by no less than 3 full-time subject matter experts at all times, the attrition problem was addressed. We took a KT from the customer and were able to immediately onboard the resources and get them on floor.

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The Result

After deploying specialized teams to handle the product, the client can run the business smoothly, focusing on getting more end customers for their product instead of driving expenditures on team hiring and training. Into the third year, the team provides consistent support and maintenance for the client, ensuring maximum service availability.

The following results were observed by the deployment of specialized resources to handle the client’s product.

  • Reduced expenditures on hiring and training by driving down attrition rates
  • Consistent service availability for product users to ensure seamless continuity
  • Established product knowledge base and clear protocol for transfers between various stakeholders
  • Increased productivity across the floor from a well-established process handling all product-related data, client-facing operations, and support teams

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