Deployed Security Operations Center (SoC) for a US-based Enterprise Security Firm to Scale Customer Operations


Flatworld EDGE deployed subject matter experts to scale the customer-facing operations of a US-based Enterprise Security firm delivering efficient technical support and improving the quality of customer care.


  • Founded in 2019, our client is an enterprise-grade cybersecurity provider based in Scottsville, Virginia
  • Client required technical expertise to manage a new legacy application for their customers
  • Flatworld EDGE deployed subject matter experts to scale the customer-facing operations of the client by delivering efficient technical support to manage the application and improving the quality of customer support services

The Story of Our Customer

Founded in 2019 and based in Scottsville, Virginia, our client provides a full suite of enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions to protect users against internal and external cyber threats. As an emerging player in the market, the client manages enterprise security and offers technical support to customers. The client approached Flatworld EDGE via our website, seeking to develop their SIEM tool and handle the complexities of a new legacy app acquisition that required an experienced Security Operations Center (SoC) to deliver technical support services to their users.

The Challenge

The client recently acquired a legacy app that required a skilled team to manage and deploy effectively. Having spent a considerable sum maintaining their security teams, the client found the efficacy of their Security Operation Center (SoC) to be below par, while the availability of technical talent to handle their customer-facing operations dwindled. The client required technical expertise to develop their SIEM tool and equip a specialized security team to handle the workload while ensuring that managing the security experts was cost-effective and that they were knowledgeable in handling the technology. Besides maintaining the SIEM system, the team was responsible for delivering efficient support services through a comprehensive SoC for the client to maintain their systems and retain the market’s trust.

Some key challenges observed were:

  • Lack of technical exposure and skilled talent to maintain the core technology of the SIEM tool’s deployment
  • Inefficient performance of security teams while handling the requests of users and offering technical support
  • Considerable expenses to maintain the SoC and lacking skilled experts to develop the SIEM platform and its tools
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Why the Customer Chose Us?

Flatworld EDGE houses a global talent pool of IT professionals across 8 delivery centers, skilled in diverse tech stacks. We had a proven record of delivering seamless support services on all IT projects. With the availability of subject matter experts, the team drafted a clear and detailed implementation plan to the client. Our strategy, TAT and footprint in the global market was a decisive factor that influenced the onboarding of the client.

Our Solution

The team was able to quickly understand the legacy SIEM tool and deploy the necessary security measures to protect the client’s environment. The availability of subject matter experts proved vital in the client’s decision to deploy their SoC and hand over the responsibilities to our team.

Combining the following factors resulted in a successful SIEM deployment that met the client’s immediate requirements and by offering end-users comprehensive support solutions, we helped scale their security operations

Strategic Approach: We deployed a team of highly skilled resources with a variety of skill sets to handle the custom SIEM tool and manage the client’s SoC.

Operational Approach: We understood the complexity of the legacy SIEM tool and deployed resources with the specific skill sets needed to manage it effectively, offering comprehensive technical support services.

Software/Technologies Used: We employed tech sacks covering Linux, Vertica DB administrator, VMWare, AWS, and Virtualization to develop the SIEM tool and dedicate subject matter experts accordingly.

Security Measures: We enabled seamless VDI access to the client server for better security and operational agility.

Training: All certified resources were deployed to understand the workflow and document the process.

Certifications: Red Hat Linux administrator, AWS cloud Engineer, SOC Specialist, and a Microsoft certified software engineer were delegated to carry over the responsibilities efficiently.

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The Result

The team’s training and certifications ensured that they effectively managed the SIEM and provided the client with the enterprise security support required. We established a full-fledged SoC to efficiently handle user demands and lowered operational costs while deploying the SIEM tool error-free.

The following results were measured by the deployment of resources to handle the client’s requests.

  • Client gained confidence in the technology and began to onboard more users for operating the SOC efficiently
  • The technical talent deficit was reduced as the client now had resources available to take on more projects and deliver seamless functionalities
  • The resources deployed helped reduce operational overheads while streamlining the SOC operations
  • The client identified and implemented system changes required to develop the SIEM tool and increase their market share of user demographics

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