Deployed Technical Resources to Expand Product Capabilities for Learning Platform and Educational Services Company Based in Berlin


  • Founded in 2016, our client has an interactive learning platform and educational products and is based in Berlin, Germany
  • The client required senior resources to expand their in-house team’s technical aptitude and develop new products to grow their market share
  • Flatworld EDGE augmented their inhouse team by adding 2 Senior Developers who were FTE’s that helped enhance their in-house innovation capabilities and provide efficient product support

The Story of Our Customer

Founded in 2016, the client started with printing services for college students and was based in Berlin, Germany. By 2017, the client began developing their learning platform and offered job assistance and educational services to students. In 2019, their interactive learning platform launched, and they were looking to continuously innovate by adding new features and services for students and educational institutions. The client approached Flatworld EDGE via our website, seeking additional resources to bolster their team’s capabilities and develop their market share with continuous product support and maintenance.

The Challenge

Initially, the client lacked the technical talent and access to senior management professionals to scale their team’s innovation capabilities. Paired with high attrition, the client was finding it expensive to maintain their in-house team without the leadership required to expand their product offerings. As their product took on new markets, the team needed to expand and take on additional responsibilities in strategic areas of the business. The client required FTE’s qualified in the .NET technology stacks and proficient in the product’s development to strengthen their business growth plans.

Key challenges faced by the client include:

  • Lack of specialized talent to head projects required to develop and deploy new product offerings and manage business development
  • High team attrition becoming burdensome as added costs and lack of technical skills affected product performance in the market
  • Inefficient knowledge transfers, which resulted in longer training durations and employees working in silos
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Why the Customer Chose Us?

The client’s demand for technical talent is fulfilled by Flatworld EDGE’s access to trained IT professionals working across 8 global delivery centers. Flatworld EDGE was approached for our earned reputation as the best IT support services provider with a strong focus on product management and staff augmentation.

Our Solution

By identifying the skill gap deficit within the client’s in-house team, Flatworld EDGE deployed technical resources proficient in the latest .NET tools and tech stacks to manage the client’s expansive product offerings. We gathered all product-related information to gain a thorough understanding of client’s technical and non-technical requirements to deliver custom staff augmentation that would transform their core business activities. By deploying highly qualified Senior Developers, and maintaining 2 FTEs dedicated to expanding the team’s capabilities, we helped boost their capacities for innovation within weeks of deployment.

Apart from providing the team with exceptional leadership, our technical talent understood the product quickly and established an effective knowledge transfer system to enable practical training and development. With proven .NET project expertise, the client could quickly expand their product’s capabilities with the assistance of our dedicated technical personnel. The client no longer required to spend on training and development, while the operational agility discovered helped accelerate product growth. Product development was quicker, and the expertise on board was able to handle more complex technical tasks to help the company stay competitive.

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The Result

After deploying 2 Senior FTEs, the client discovered increased operational bandwidth, reduced expenditure on recruitment and training, and expanded technical capabilities required to grow their product offerings.

The impact of the staff augmentation for product development included increased operational agility and quicker product development, and:

  • Flatworld EDGE added two Senior Developers to the client’s team, boosting their in-house innovation and product support capacity
  • Our technical talent quickly grasped the product’s nature and set up a productive mechanism for knowledge transfer, enabling efficient training and development
  • With our committed technical staff with demonstrated .NET project knowledge, the customer rapidly increased their product’s functionality and expanded market share
  • The product development time was shortened, and more complex challenges were resolved as the client’s in-house team was able to mitigate project-related risks early on

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