How Helped an Australian Tech Giant Perfect Its Internal Processes and Expanded It’s Business Horizons

Australian Tech Giant - FWE Case study


  • Our client, a leading tech provider in Australia, was looking for support with ServiceNow Implementation.
  • They needed the deep expertise and knowledge that Flatword Edge had on ServiceNow modules like CSM, ITSM, ITOM, CMDB and ITAM and extensive ServiceNow development skills.
  • On successfully completing the ServiceNow Implementation, our clients say they saw a 66% reduction in resolution time while reducing their customer’s cost, in addition to an increase in overall employee and customer satisfaction.

About Our Client

A leading Australian tech provider offering the most open, flexible, future-ready anytime, anywhere solutions that make workplace communication and collaboration a breeze. Our client leverages the power of Microsoft’s cloud platforms to develop technologies that enable people to securely meet, collaborate, share, and make hybrid work better.

The Problem

To optimize and accentuate its internal processes and enhance its service management capabilities, Our Client decided to hop onto its digital transformation journey. Their main aim was to simplify their IT operations and integrate disjoint data systems and processes that needed to be improved for their teams to utilize and access the right support services, which led to many work delays and cost overruns.

For this, they decided to take a platform approach beyond improving their regular IT functionalities. They chose to leverage the unmatched capabilities of the ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) solution. Their internal team took ownership of their digital transformation journey and started with ServiceNow implementation. They procured the license and created a Business Process document to implement the solution successfully.

However, their internal IT team faced several challenges due to a need for more significant experience and expertise in ServiceNow implementation. They needed help to implement the ServiceNow ITSM solution fully.

A massive list of pending items stood as a significant hurdle in allowing them to fully leverage their ServiceNow software. The client needed to save time and money on the license cost and was looking for a reliable partner to help its team overcome the learning curve and implement the solution quickly and cost-effectively.

Flatworld Edge then stepped in to offer prompt support in dissolving those hurdles and creating a more streamlined business process.


The client briefed us on challenges they faced before and during ServiceNow implementation. Some of the areas where they were facing issues included :

  • Inability to integrate their existing data and processes with the ServiceNow platform
  • Evaluate process dependencies across systems during ServiceNow integration
  • Understand the direction of data flow – ServiceNow to ServiceNow or bi-directional
  • Implement third-party integrations
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servicenow itsm solutions

How We Helped

After carefully understanding the challenges and drafting the scope of work, Flatworld Edge quickly deployed their offshore resources from India, who worked during Australian business hours to help the client promptly implement the ServiceNow solution.

To navigate the complexities and the project, we chose our Highly-experienced Certified Project Managers and ServiceNow Developers. They leveraged their decade-long experience, proven development skills, and extensive expertise in various ServiceNow modules like CSM, ITSM, ITOM, CMDB, and ITAM to understand the project scope. We delivered a solution that ensured the quick and seamless implementation of the ServiceNow platform – within the promised timelines. We worked on the project with the below services and catalog items :

  • Incident management
  • Configuration (CMDB) management
  • SLA management
  • Reporting & Dashboard Knowledge management
  • Notification management
  • Business rule management
  • Workflow management
  • Request fulfillment

The Solutions

After going through the client’s requirements our experts were of the opinion that the client needed a single integrated solution to automate the delivery and control of incidents, issues, resolutions, changes, and configuration management. And the answer to their woes lay in workflow automation through ServiceNow ITSM platform.

We developed a solution to automate IT service requests for our client. As a result, the client was able to keep records of all resources and assets on a single cloud platform and appropriately allocate service requests to those resources. We also equipped the client’s IT team with a self-help service portal to get an overview of the process with single-click dashboards, catalog service requests, and get easy access to real-time analytics reports for information on IT service management efficiencies. Furthermore the escalation and resolution process could offer intuitive experiences using advanced solutions like voice assistants, mobile apps, and chatbots and a 24×7 request submission and tracking feature.

servicenow itsm solutions

We configured a tailored workflow module and ensured that agile methodology was followed throughout the project lifecycle. Our ServiceNow implementation specialists divided the entire scope of work into seven milestones and ensured every task was thoroughly implemented and rigorously tested before deployment.

FWE experts also implemented additional features to ensure the software thoroughly complemented the client’s end processes and helped them achieve new levels of productivity and performance.

Our Strategic Solution

Some of the critical areas where we worked include :

  • Consolidating disparate tools to help teams harness their data and analytics using the most trusted IT service workflow
  • Creating a user-friendly service catalog to help employees and customers quickly discover products and services
  • Creating a customized request portal to help teams seamlessly access business services
  • Integrating IT Service Desk to help teams raise and manage service requests
  • Redesigning the existing CMBD to extend its capabilities and ensure superior asset management
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With the help of Flatworld Edge, Our Client successfully implemented the high-performance, fully integrated ServiceNow platform at an affordable cost and within the given timeline. Not only did they utilize the platform to transform their legacy processes, but the Company also started using the ServiceNow platform across the organization post-implementation.

Our support helped Our Client :

  • Reduce their customers’ costs
  • Achieve improved service availability and customer experience
  • Drive unmatched business growth through our continuous support
  • Achieve a 66% Reduction in resolution times
  • Improve forecast ability and profitability
  • Implement Hassle-free report generation