Streamlining IT Service Management with ServiceNow ITSM Platform for a Latin American Bank

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About Client

Our client is a renowned bank operating in Latin America. The bank has branches across 4 Latin American countries and serves more than 7 million customers with a range of financial products and services.


The IT department of our client had to contend with a legacy system which led to issues for those working at the bank. As a result, there was nothing instant about communication with the IT team. Employees were struggling to communicate incident details or find the status of a complaint immediately. Additionally, the IT staff was not equipped to manage incidents from anywhere. Also, they could never see all the information across all of the facilities at the same time. Besides, there were lot of other critical things that either got overlooked or slipped through the cracks or went under the radar.


The bank’s reliance on several legacy IT tools and configuration management databases led to several obstacles towards creating an effective solution. Some of these challenges were:

The legacy system depended on queues, rosters, and event logs to create process workflows. This led to problems such as compliance, waste, quality etc.

Mapping all the connectors in the legacy system and maintaining key functionality through replacement was a challenge. It required lot of patching and could lead to several vulnerabilities.

As employee comfort level with the legacy system was high, there was all round resistance to change. Readying them for modernization was an equally big challenge.

Ensuring proper functioning of vital business processes during the migration was also a challenge. The transition had to be seamless irrespective of the complexity of the legacy system.

There was high risk of information loss. The cost involved in rectifying the data loss could backfire on the efforts to modernize. Besides, it could put the bank’s reputation at stake.

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The Solutions

After going through the client’s requirements our experts were of the opinion that the client needed a single integrated solution to automate the delivery and control of incidents, issues, resolutions, changes, and configuration management. And the answer to their woes lay in workflow automation through ServiceNow ITSM platform.

We developed a solution to automate IT service requests for our client. As a result, the client was able to keep records of all resources and assets on a single cloud platform and appropriately allocate service requests to those resources. We also equipped the client’s IT team with a self-help service portal to get an overview of the process with single-click dashboards, catalog service requests, and get easy access to real-time analytics reports for information on IT service management efficiencies. Furthermore the escalation and resolution process could offer intuitive experiences using advanced solutions like voice assistants, mobile apps, and chatbots and a 24×7 request submission and tracking feature.


Our automated solution through the ServiceNow platform assisted the client’s IT team get complete control over critical IT processes. The solution helped them realize savings by decommissioning 10 legacy systems and save approximately 20,000 employee hours. Besides, the average time to raise a change improved by 80% whereas for that of an incident improved by 60%. The overall productivity of the bank improved by leaps and bounds.