Why dashboards from Flatworld EDGE?

We bring clarity to your data through data visualization dashboards
  • Ongoing performance measurement

    We help you improve the entire business with a set of standard protocols and allow third-party interactions to enhance business decisions.

  • Intuitive data presentation

    The dashboards smoothly navigate throughout the information through innate designs and reports instead of complicated representations.

  • Cost and time savings

    Customized dashboards simplify your time and cost just by highlighting what you need in appropriate formats through automated systems.

  • Updated flow of data

    We create real-time dashboards using current data and update them periodically using various protocols and automated tools to ensure well-organized dashboards.

  • Total visibility into business

    With role-base permissions, we share complete access to everything that we do. Trending visibility helps you fetch solutions before the problems occur.

  • Drill into details

    We efficiently drill down into information when building customized dashboards if necessary and look how your business will have a significant opportunity to improve.

Dashboard development process

We help you make decisions by unlocking the potential of your data

Gathering requirements

We accumulate relevant data to provide effective dashboards. With the help of automated systems in a routine basis, we feed updated data into dashboards.

Ideation and storyboarding

Having an idea of what you need, we do some brainstorming to identify the key measures. The storyboard will answer your specific design questions.

Designing dashboards

Dashboards come into life when we strategically design a visual mockup using commonly used tools and techniques.

Testing and quality assurance

We solicit your feedback and act on it to turn your data into risk-free dashboards that speak and helps in better business decision making.

Roll-out dashboards

Deliver dashboards after levels of testing with superior quality to measure performance and analyze data that visulaizes only what you need.

Maintenance and support

With our up-to-date customized dashboards, we continue to help you improve the business agility that drive results for your business with measured outcomes.

What we use for win-win dashboards!

We help you blend all your data in a single flow with dashboards to
improve your overall results

  • Dashboard Development Services
  • Dashboard Development Services
  • Dashboard Development Services
  • Dashboard Development Services

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