Need of Microsoft office 365 migration for Your Business


Regardless of the size of your business or what industry you are in, you can benefit a great deal by migrating to Office 365.

If you don’t know the advantages, here are 8 compelling reasons:

What is Office 365 migration?

Office 365 is Microsoft’s state-of-the-art Enterprise IT environment. Office 365 migration is the process of transferring essential company data such as research data, calendars, pictures, videos, and emails to the cloud. In this blog we talk in details about the 10 compelling benefits of migrating to Office 365:

1. Cloud Deployment

How does that help you? Well, you can stop worrying about servers and maintenance, since the application is deployed in the cloud – and it is very flexible to boot. It can be seamlessly integrated with your existing software you have on-premises. Compared to local servers, your maintenance costs will be lower with cloud deployments; you also don’t have to worry about data security, as the Office 365 Trust Center takes care of that aspect. It also facilitates remote working, as team members can access details, communicate and collaborate regardless of where they are.

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2. It is Scalable

This is especially helpful for a small business. You only need to pay for the features and storage that you need, and can add more as your business grows. You can add large amount of storage at surprisingly affordable prices too. There is no need of purchasing additional hard drives to increase your storage space anymore.

3. Simplified Migration

No matter what tools you use for storage, Office 365 migration is actually pretty easy. Also, it will auto-update itself, with updates from Microsoft, which means you don’t have to worry about migrating your data to newer versions and so on.

4. Unified Interface

With Office 365, you have the freedom to select the exact tools you need – and have them all in one place. Once you add the Microsoft business apps to your Office 365 home screen, you have them all in one single place, and can access them easily too. Microsoft frequently launches business apps, and quite a few of them are free as well.

5. Enhanced Collaboration

Office 365 streamlines your workflows and processes and facilitates greater collaboration. Thanks to the easy online accessibility of the entire MS Office productivity suite, team members can share and edit documents, make suggestions to improve activities or document, all in real time. No more worrying about document downloads, logging in and out all the time, or spending endless hours in meetings, emailing team members, or logging into group chats etc.

Office 365 features Office Tools enable co-authoring; Outlook and Exchange Online facilitates shared calendars; Outlook also enables assigning tasks, and One Drive and SharePoint provide shared storage that is secure; Teams enables group conversations – you have everything required for smoother collaboration in one place.

6. Regular Updates

Migrating to Office 365 means the end of waiting for ages to get the next product launch from Microsoft. Once you have Office 365, you get instant access to feature updates, bug fixes, and the like, immediately on their release. Which is a huge advantage. An app that automatically updates itself, now who would not want that?

7. Protection from Data Loss

Losing data can be devastating for any business – not only can your business activities be thrown out of gear; you may even be hit with legal issues. Office 365 offers robust data protection and backup facilities, so you can rest assured that your business will not have to face any trouble due to data breach or loss.

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8. Yammer and Delve

Microsoft acquired Yammer, the Enterprise Social Network in 2012; it is an incredibly useful tool in the Office 365 suite that make interactions and talent search easier, shorten email chains, and facilitate collaborating on files, liking posts and commenting on group activities. It integrates very smoothly with other tools in Office 365. Now we also have Delve, which is a kind of virtual assistant, which leverages Machine Learning – like Siri or Alexa. Delve learns who you follow on Yammer, what you’re doing currently, keeps track of your meetings and priorities, and more. It not only gives reminders but also suggests how you can be more effective and productive.

Above everything else, the whole thing is very easy to use- you will be surprised just how easy! Sop why are you delaying your move to Office 365? It may take a while for your team members to adapt to the new environment, but once they are past the learning curve, it will be smooth sailing all the way.

9. Work from anywhere

Office 365 allows you to work remotely from anywhere. It isn’t compulsory to spend long hours at the desk anymore. You can work remotely from your mobile phone, laptops and tablets and still be productive! Office 365 also offers unparalleled levels of security. So, you do not have to worry about any sensitive data getting compromised.

10. Work online

Office 365 migration services streamline your workflow and make it easy to collaborate with the entire team. The ability to access the entire MS suite online enhances productivity since everyone can edit and make improvements in real-time without actually downloading the file.

Who we are and How we can help you Change Your Workflow?

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