Potential of Microsoft Azure Cloud with Our Expert Azure Migration Services

Improve infrastructure management, scalability, and data security with Azure migration services from FlatworldEdge.

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Expert-guided Azure Cloud Migration Services for Your Business

Consulting and Advisory Services

Expert Consulting for Seamless Azure Cloud Adoption

  • Help businesses plan, design, and strategize client’s cloud adoption journey.
  • Asses existing IT infrastructure, identifying workloads suitable for migration
  • Create a custom Azure adoption strategy and migration roadmap.
Solution Implementation

Tailored Azure Solutions to Empower Your Business

  • Develop and implement custom solutions on the Azure platform.
  • Build applications, websites, databases, and other services using Azure services and tools, including creating cloud-native applications and migrating existing applications to Azure.
  • Integrate Azure services into your existing workflows for increased efficiency.
Managed Services

Proactive Management for Your Azure Environment

  • Continuously monitor and maintain your Azure resources.
  • Manage security and detect threats to safeguard your data.
  • Optimize performance for seamless operations on Azure.
Data and Analytics Solutions

Harnessing Data Insights with Azure Data Services

  • Utilize Azure's data services like Azure SQL Database and Azure Data Lake.
  • Store, process, analyze, and visualize data effectively on Azure.
  • Leverage Azure Synapse Analytics for comprehensive data solutions.
IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions

Managing IoT Ecosystems with Azure IoT Services

  • Develop and deploy IoT solutions for remote monitoring and control.
  • Implement predictive maintenance and industrial automation using Azure IoT.
  • Connect and manage IoT devices efficiently with Azure's abilities.
Migration Services

Smooth Transition to Azure with Minimal Downtime

  • Migrate on-premises infrastructure and applications to Azure smoothly.
  • Optimize performance and ensure data security during the migration process.
  • Minimize downtime to keep business operations running smoothly.
Security and Compliance

Enhance Security and Compliance Across Your Azure Cloud Deployments

  • Implement best practices for identity and access management on Azure.
  • Ensure data encryption and protection against security threats.
  • Maintain compliance with industry regulations for data and privacy.
Custom Solutions

Tailored Excellence: Industry-Specific Azure Cloud Solutions

  • Develop custom applications and workflows for specific industries.
  • Leverage Azure's capabilities to address the unique requirements of sectors like healthcare, finance, and manufacturing.
  • Enhance industry-specific processes and operations with Azure's flexibility.

Azure Migration Services Made Easy - Your Goals, Our Solutions

Complex data migration, compatibility issues, or downtime fears can deter the transition to Azure. With over 300 satisfied clients worldwide and specialization in Azure Migration Services, FlatworldEdge can help address your data migration roadblocks. We ensure a seamless transition, analyze your existing systems, and execute migrations with minimal downtime.

Azure Migration Services Simplified with FlatworldEdge

Microsoft Certified Partner

Benefit from our early access to Microsoft's latest features and Azure cloud services for innovative solutions.

Easily Adaptable Models

Our flexible engagement options save you money by letting you pay for the Azure services you use.

Proven Track Record

Our experienced team's history of successful transitions ensures they understand your needs.

Planning and Assessment

We expedite your IT infrastructure planning with readiness assessment reports for a seamless migration.

Custom solutions

Customize your Azure migration services to meet your unique needs, whether from the healthcare, retail, manufacturing, or finance sectors.

Azure Process Optimization

We continuously enhance system performance and resource consumption efficiency.

Azure Process Monitoring

We provide vigilant monitoring to ensure your Azure environment operates efficiently and securely.

Azure Process Disaster Recovery Failover

Our data recovery services are tested to safeguard your information in a disaster.

Azure Migration Services Triumphs: How FlatworldEdge Empowered Businesses with Seamless Transitions

Explore how businesses from diverse sectors achieved remarkable outcomes through Our expert Azure Migration Services

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