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As a Power BI implementation partner, FlatworldEdge helps clients transform complex data hurdles into insightful growth tools, enabling them to make data-driven decisions with ease and efficiency.

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Unify Your Data with Our
Comprehensive Power BI Consulting Services


Personalized Power BI Consulting Services for Actionable Insights

  • Develop a strategic plan to align Power BI's capabilities with your business’ data analysis and visualization needs.
  • Advise clients on data governance strategies, including data quality standards, access controls, and data lifecycle management.
  • Develop a comprehensive solution roadmap for Power BI implementation, Identifying opportunities for scalability to accommodate evolving business needs.

Benefit from our Power BI implementation partner experience Integrating Diverse Data Sources into Power BI

  • End-to-end Power BI setup, including data modeling, data source connection, dashboard creation, and data refresh schedules.
  • Set up and configure advanced analytics features, enabling the extraction of deeper data insights.
  • Data modeling and validation for enhanced data interpretations and improved data accuracy.
Custom Development

Empower Your Business Intelligence with Custom Power BI Development Services by FlatworldEdge

  • Develop custom visuals that align with your needs, enhancing data interpretation and decision-making.
  • Develop customized plugins and extensions to gain deeper insights from your data.
  • Deploy advanced self-service capabilities and complete app accessibility across users without individual license costs.
Data Integration

Leverage the Power of Unified Data with Power BI Data Integration Services

  • Schema modeling and API integration to ensure seamless, up-to-date data flow into Power BI from various sources.
  • Data Cleaning and Transformation to ensure the data's readiness for analysis and quality assurance.
  • Prioritize data security by implementing stringent security measures during the data integration.
Training and Support

Drive Business Intelligence with Our Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services

  • Comprehensive and customized training that covers all aspects of Power BI, ensuring users' proficiency with the platform.
  • Swift issue resolution and troubleshooting to minimize downtime.
  • Continuous updates and post-implementation support to ensure your Power BI solution evolves with your business.

The Edge Difference - Where We Turn Data Into a Strategic Advantage.

As a Power BI implementation partner, FlatworldEdge, helps combat the challenges of skewed data, ineffective data visualizations, and disjointed data sources by expertly implementing Power BI systems tailored to your business needs.

With our 10+ years of rich experience, we offer comprehensive Microsoft Power BI consulting services and implementation that connects and integrates disparate data sources. This helps create insightful dashboards and reports and ensures seamless data refresh schedules that empower clients to achieve their business goals.

Power BI Consulting Services Providing an Edge Over Real-Time Data Insights

Real-Time Data

Our real-time integration ensures your data is always up-to-date, enhancing the relevancy and accuracy of your insights.

Advanced Analytics

We set up and measure the usage of advanced analytics features in Power BI, enabling deeper data insights for your business.

Data Transformation

We track the efficiency of data transformation processes, ensuring your raw data is accurately converted for meaningful analysis in Power BI.

Performance Tuning

Our Power BI consulting services measure and optimize the loading times of your reports and dashboards.

API Integration

Our ability to connect Power BI to various data sources using API integration ensures seamless data flow into your Power BI platform.

Power BI Pro

Uncover critical business answers using conversational language and leverage pre-built templates to present insights.

Data Refresh Schedules

We set up and monitor data refresh schedules, ensuring your reports and dashboards reflect the most recent data.

Flexible Outsourcing Engagement Models

Outsource the entire project, opt for dedicated on-premises resources, or hire an offshore team for Microsoft Power BI reporting.

Success Stories: How FlatworldEdge Transformed Businesses with Power BI Solutions

Discover how FlatworldEdge's Power BI consulting services have helped businesses across various industries achieve remarkable results.

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