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End-to-End Workday Managed Services for Optimal Business Performance

Implementation and Deployment

Seamless Workday Integration and Adoption with FlatworldEdge, Your Workday Implementation Partner

  • Developing a change management strategy to prepare the organization for Workday Deployment.
  • Integrate existing systems with Workday to ensure data flows seamlessly between systems.
  • Map out data structures, perform data cleansing, validate data accuracy, and conduct test migrations for smooth transition.
Consulting & Advisory

Maximize Workday Benefits with Expert Workday Consulting & Advisory Services

  • Strategic Advisory on system configuration, customization of workflows, and process automation to ensure effective system optimization.
  • Compliance Consulting for implementing data security measures such as user permissions and compliance with data privacy laws.
  • Change Management and Training to ensure a smooth transition and high adoption of Workday.
Customization and Integration

Achieve Flawless Workday Customization and Integration

  • Understanding business processes, identifying opportunities for improvement, and recommending customizations that drive operational efficiency.
  • Precision-focused customization of workflows, forms, and system setting.
  • Robust integration strategies to integrate Workday with existing systems or third-party applications.
Data Migration

Ensuring Data Integrity and Compliance through Effective Workday Data Migration

  • Thorough data cleansing to remove duplicates and data mapping to ensure data accuracy and integrity during migration.
  • Secure Data Migration includes extracting, transforming, and loading data into Workday securely, ensuring data security, compliance, and minimal risk of data loss.
  • Post-Migration Validation and Support to ensure data accuracy and integrity post-migration.

Uncover Unparalleled Workday Support and Maintenance

  • Continuous system monitoring and tracking to proactively detect and resolve potential issues, preventing any system disruptions.
  • Swift response and high issue resolution rates for any issues arising post-implementation.
  • Manage regular system updates and upgrades as released by Workday for performance optimization.
Add-On Solutions

Maximize Your Workday Investment with Strategic Add-On Solutions

  • Add-on implementation and Integration with clients' core Workday system, ensuring seamless operation of additional features.
  • Training on Add-On Usage to ensure enhanced functionality of the add-on solutions effectively.
  • Leverage analytics and reporting add-on tools to gather valuable insights for improved decision-making and efficiency.
Managed Services

Achieve Operational Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness with Our Workday Managed Services

  • Certified Workday consultants overseeing daily system operations, handling user requests, and ensuring optimal performance.
  • Preventative methods and proactive system checks to ensure your Workday application runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Customized Workday AMS packages provide flexibility to choose the level of support that best suits your organization's needs.

Experience the Edge of Excellence with Certified Workday Consultants

Flatworld Edge, a seasoned expert in Workday implementation across the United States and Europe, helps you maximize the utility of your Workday applications through our all-inclusive Workday managed services.

Our exhaustive service range spans from strategic planning to implementation and operation, guaranteeing seamless data migration and swift assimilation of Workday-integrated systems.

At FlatworldEdge, our workday consultants understand the complexities and unique requirements of different industries, allowing us to tailor our solutions to meet our client's specific needs for superior performance and streamlined efficiencies.

Discover the Power of Customization and Flexibility with Our Workday Managed Services

Flexible Contract Terms

Shorter initial contract terms accompanied by consistent monitoring, offering you the comfort of satisfaction before making bigger commitments.

Experienced Certified Consultants

Certified Workday consultants who bring forth tailored solutions to drive successful business outcomes.

Specialized Workday Consultants

Our team is equipped with expert resources, essential for crucial implementation tasks such as data migration and testing.

Quicker Time to Value

Quick Workday service deployment to streamline your processes and realize benefits in a shorter time frame.

Accelerated ROI

Proven Workday methodologies, tools, and project management strategies to mitigate risks, drive success, and ensure rapid ROI.

Flexible Support

Unparalleled flexibility, allowing easy navigation between support tiers without binding customers into fixed, long-term contracts.




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