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We are your ServiceNow partner when helping businesses solve operational efficiency by transforming IT service management and business processes through expert ServiceNow Managed Services.

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ServiceNow Managed Services:
From Implementation to Adoption


ServiceNow Consulting for expert guidance on platform utilization

  • Unify organizations so they can find smarter, faster, and better ways to make workflows operate.
  • Expertly map requirements to ServiceNow functionality, design and deploy practical models.
  • Enhance business operations by building predictive, agile, and AI-powered automated workflows with ServiceNow.
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Implementation solutions that Align with Business Objectives

  • Automation Excellence for transforming routine tasks into efficient processes while reducing error rates.
  • Break down silos and foster seamless workflows by integrating diverse systems, all under the ServiceNow umbrella.
  • Seamless and efficient remote deployment, minimizing disruption to your existing operations.
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ServiceNow Integration for Seamless System Connectivity across Your Enterprise

  • Migrate Legacy Data and Integrate it with industry-standard applications
  • Enable fast time-to-value and increase flexibility to pivot to new business opportunities quickly.
  • Exchange data and trigger actions with other systems, allowing teams to work more efficiently.

Build Intuitive Interfaces that Promotes Functionality Expansions

  • Change baseline rules unique to your business and needs.
  • Identify and implement essential customizations that enhance rather than distract from operation efficiency.
  • Improve system stability and reliability with our optimal ServiceNow configurations.
Custom ServiceNow App Development

Fast-Track App Development with User-Centric Design and Maximized Functionality

  • Build and deploy applications much faster, save time, and reduce the cost of application development.
  • Make your software intuitive, easy to use, and accessible on any device.
  • Build Apps with DevOps integration to stay relevant, streamline tasks, provide data-driven insights, and enhance functionality.

Create Repeatable Tests and Accelerate the Testing Cycle Through End-to-End ServiceNow Test Automation

  • Go beyond the traditional pass/fail testing binary to business risk-focused testing.
  • Achieve error-free and reliable implementations with the unit, integration, system, user acceptance testing, and more.
  • Incorporate a Risk-Based Testing Approach that prioritizes high-risk areas of the ServiceNow application to minimize the impact of application failures.
Support Services

Maintain ServiceNow Solution Stability with Proactive ServiceNow Support

  • Proactive ServiceNow Support with regular system health checkups that minimizes downtime and enhances SNOW applications.
  • Carry out modifications without disrupting existing workflows, ensuring seamless integration with the current processes.
  • Integrating ServiceNow with business systems and applications for improved data flow and enhanced collaboration.
Managed Services

Maximizing Business Impact through Proactive ServiceNow Consulting

  • Oversee and manage the current ServiceNow environment for greater business impact with full-time equivalent employees.
  • Our ServiceNow managed services include remotely identifying and rectifying negative performance patterns and ensuring swift prevention and resolution.
  • Offshore ServiceNow administration support with consistent coordination of efforts across departments while preserving the existing workflows.

Maximizing Business Potential With
ServiceNow Managed Services

FlatworldEdge can be your ServiceNow Partner, empowering your business by addressing implementation and management challenges with expert ServiceNow managed services. Drawing from over 10 years of experience, we simplify the ServiceNow implementation process, develop custom applications tailored to your needs, provide round-the-clock support, and ensure optimal platform performance through meticulous testing.

With an experienced team of over 35+ ServiceNow Consultants, we help businesses overcome the complexities through our ServiceNow managed services, freeing up resources to focus on core business activities. Our strategic guidance and comprehensive training programs ensure efficient platform adoption, creating an environment where ServiceNow becomes a catalyst for your business growth rather than a challenge.

FlatworldEdge as Your ServiceNow Consulting Experts


Certified ServiceNow team

Our team of certified SNOW experts includes implementation, application development, and system administration specialists.


Quick Incident Resolution

Our low incident resolution time and high first contact resolution rate help solve platform and workflow issues promptly, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.


Improved ROI

Our ServiceNow managed services help you maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of ServiceNow in your organization.


Aligned with Your Goals

We align our ServiceNow KPIs with your company's overall goals and objectives, ensuring the outcomes we deliver are exactly what you need to succeed.


Project Completion Rate

We have a 99% on-time Project completion rate for delivering end-to-end ServiceNow projects within the agreed timeframe.



We not only implement ServiceNow solutions but also train your team.

Charting Success Stories with ServiceNow Managed Services

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