India's top-tier private bank partnered with us to automate their email response system to boost sales. The challenge was to improve response rate by distinguishing complaint emails, and automating the support process.

Our solution minimized response time to 15 minutes, increased customer satisfaction, and optimized team efficiency with up to 70-80% precision using the Email Assistant.

Story of the Customer 

Our client, India's third-largest private-sector bank, primarily communicates with customers via email. They struggled with swiftly identifying complaint emails and automating repetitive tasks.

The bank aimed to reduce response time and enhance customer satisfaction. By managing inquiries more effectively, they hoped to allocate more resources to sales.

The Challenge 

  • The bank faced challenges in managing high volume of customer emails, resulting in delayed responses.
  • The manual, labor-intensive support process was inefficient, causing employee frustration over repetitive tasks.
  • Automating the support process while ensuring accurate understanding and categorization of customer issues posed a significant challenge.

The Solution 

  • Implemented an AI email assistant using text mining and NLP for improved email handling.
  • The tool enhanced email automation and response times, boosting customer satisfaction.
  • The AI assistant increased efficiency and reduced repetitive tasks for the email response team.

The Result 

  • The implementation of an AI email solution reduced response time from 4-5 days to just 15 minutes, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • With continuous training, the Email Assistant achieved a precision of 70-80%, optimizing the email response team.
  • Automation of tasks increased efficiency and reduced employee frustration, allowing agents to focus on sales.