An IT service provider facing high attrition and poor product support partnered with FlatworldEdge. Flatworld's dedicated team improved the product, developed a knowledge base, and enhanced support, resulting in better performance.

This partnership brought several benefits, including reduced costs from streamlined support and lower attrition. It also ensured consistent service availability and increased productivity. Therefore, the collaboration with FlatworldEdge successfully resolved the initial challenges.

Story of the Customer 

The client is a Berlin-based company, started in 2016, offering an interactive learning platform and educational services. They faced challenges due to lack of technical talent, high attrition rates, and inefficient knowledge transfers.

They sought additional resources to expand team capabilities and develop their market share, needing .NET proficient FTEs.

The Challenge

  • The client lacked the technical expertise and senior management professionals necessary to drive innovation, leading to difficulties in expanding their product offerings.
  • High team attrition was proving costly, with a lack of technical skills impacting product performance in the market.
  • Inefficient knowledge transfers caused longer training durations and resulted in employees working in isolation, hindering the overall progress of projects.

The Solution

  • FlatworldEdge deployed two .NET proficient Senior Developers, enhancing innovation and product support.
  • They implemented an efficient knowledge transfer system, reducing training costs.
  • They managed product offerings, accelerating functionality expansion, and reducing development time.

The Result

  • FlatworldEdge's deployment of two Senior FTEs increased operational bandwidth and reduced costs while enhancing technical capabilities.
  • The technical talent from FlatworldEdge established an efficient product knowledge transfer system, reducing the development time.
  • The client rapidly expanded their product's functionality and market share, mitigating project-related risks early on with FlatworldEdge's technical staff.