FlatworldEdge deployed a sophisticated text mining algorithm to extract structured data from the biotech company's heterogeneous documents.The client struggled with inconsistency across their clinical trial protocol documents from different global locations.

The outcome was a digitized, searchable database, simplifying content discovery and aiding in the development of advanced analytics solutions.

Story of the Customer

The client is a globally recognized biotech company involved in drug manufacturing and research. They faced challenges in extracting structured information from diverse research documents for advanced analytics.

The client needed a solution for efficient data extraction from text documents to facilitate easy searching and advanced analytics.

The Challenge

  • The foremost challenge was the lack of uniformity in the structure, content, or style across the clinical trial protocol documents prepared in different parts of the world.
  • Extracting structured information from these diverse, free-text documents for rapid searching and advanced analytics was a major obstacle.
  • Challenge in consolidating and digitizing key information from thousands of documents into a single file.

The Solution 

  • FlatworldEdge developed an advanced algorithm that proficiently extracts key data from diverse, unstructured clinical documents.
  • Consolidated and digitized extracted information into a single, searchable file for easy access.
  • Facilitated the creation of superior analytics solutions, enhancing the success rate of experiments.

The Result 

  • FlatworldEdge successfully digitized vast free-text documents, enhancing data manageability and accessibility.
  • The structured data fostered the development of advanced analytics for intricate research analysis.
  • The system ensured a 95% accuracy rate in data extraction, improved case detection, and offered a user-friendly interface.