FlatworldEdge developed a mobile app for a healthcare provider to centralize patient records and enhance virtual communication. This was a response to the client's antiquated system, poor data management, and lack of effective virtual communication.

The new app significantly improved data management, boosting staff productivity by 30%. This led to a substantial 30% profit increase and a 40% cost reduction, demonstrating the app's effectiveness in enhancing service delivery.

Story of the Customer

The client, a healthcare provider, is battling issues due to an outdated system and poor virtual communication. Their legacy system's inability to centralize data has led to inefficiencies and profit losses.

Lacking resources to create a new communication app has compounded their troubles. Now, they seek a unified platform for patient record management, communication, and virtual healthcare visits to improve their services.

The Challenge

  • The client's outdated system lacked new features, functionalities, and failed to centralize patient and staff data.
  • The client needed a communication app but lacked the resources to build it, leading to profit loss.
  • The inability to set up virtual visits and internal communications slowed service delivery and hurt their reputation.

The Solution

  • Flatworld created a mobile app, improving patient data management and virtual communication between staff and patients.
  • The developed application was HIPPA and GDPR compliant and could handle multiple requests, manage health records and enable patient-provider communication.
  • Agile development methodologies resulted in quick app delivery, saving time and cost, boosting productivity, and enhancing client relations.

The Result

  • Flatworld's agile app development approach improved data management and communication, increasing healthcare staff productivity by 30%.
  • The centralized portal ensured 99% data accuracy and a 24-hour turnaround time at all stages of development.
  • The new mobile app led to a 30% increase in profits and a 40% decrease in costs due to streamlined processes and user-friendly features.