FlatworldEdge offered a Workday solution and a Payroll clerk to address the client's HR and financial challenges. The client had issues with manual processes, compliance, and a prior unsatisfactory Workday implementation.

The new implementation and dedicated clerk improved HR and financial management. This led to better data accuracy, improved compliance, enhanced efficiency, and increased profitability.

Story of the Customer

The client is a major US real estate company, overseeing a large workforce, intricate financial operations, and generating over $640M in revenue. They faced challenges with manual HR and financial processes, compounded by dissatisfaction with their Workday implementation.

The client sought to automate processes with Workday, requiring an expert to test the implementation and transition from their outdated payroll system.

The Challenge 

  • The client grappled with managing a large workforce and complex financial processes manually, leading to compliance issues and lack of real-time business insights.
  • The client's dissatisfaction with the third-party Workday implementation partner was due to poor quality and lack of in-house expertise for testing the solution.
  • The company was using an outdated and inflexible payroll system that required an upgrade to comply with the changing business landscape and regulations.

The Solution 

  • Deployed an experienced Workday professional to test and optimize the Workday solution implementation.
  • Provided a dedicated Payroll clerk to transition all payroll and HR operations into the Workday system.
  • Streamlined HR and financial processes, improving data accuracy, visibility, and compliance.

      The Result 

  •  Workday streamlined HR processes, enhancing employee experience and reducing administrative overhead.
  • The solution provided accurate financial reporting, enabling data-driven decisions and minimizing financial risk.
  • Workday ensured compliance with laws, reducing legal risk, and provided real-time visibility into key data.