An IT service provider was dealing with high attrition and inefficient product support, which led them to partner with FlatworldEdge. Flatworld provided a dedicated team to enhance the product and develop a knowledge base, thereby improving the product's performance and support.

The collaboration resulted in several benefits. Expenses were reduced due to streamlined product support and lower attrition. Consistent service availability was ensured, and productivity increased due to improved product performance and a robust knowledge base. The partnership with FlatworldEdge effectively addressed the initial challenges.

Story of the Customer

The client, a Berlin-based educational company, is facing challenges due to a lack of technical talent and high attrition rates. These problems, heightened by inefficient knowledge transfers, are hindering their operations.

In response, they are seeking .NET proficient full-time equivalents (FTEs) to expand team capabilities. The aim is to improve services and increase their market share.

The Challenge

  • High attrition was escalating costs, reducing productivity, and impairing team morale.
  • Absence of a strategy for maintaining the product's knowledge base led to poor customer support.
  • Lack of technical resources and tools hindered business performance scaling and management.

The Solution

  • FlatworldEdge provided a consistent team of experts to handle technology solutions and reduce attrition.
  • A comprehensive knowledge base was developed for the client's product, with clear transfer protocols.
  • The team ensured consistent support, maximized service availability, and allowed clients to focus on customer acquisition.

The Result

  • By deploying specialized teams, attrition rates were significantly reduced, leading to a decrease in hiring and training expenditures.
  • A well-established process was created to handle all product-related data, client-facing operations, and support teams, resulting in increased productivity across the board.
  • The establishment of a product knowledge base and clear protocol for transfers between various stakeholders ensured consistent service availability and seamless continuity for product users.