• Flatworld EDGE provided expert personnel to manage a new application and enhance customer service for a US-based security firm.
  • The client struggled with technical expertise shortage, inefficient security teams, high SoC maintenance costs, and lack of experts for their SIEM platform.
  • Flatworld EDGE's intervention led to increased client confidence, reduced talent deficit, lowered operational costs, and facilitated necessary system changes.

Story of the Customer 

  • The client is a US-based security firm struggling with a new legacy application and SoC maintenance.
  • The challenges arose from a lack of skilled personnel, high SoC costs, and an inefficient security team.
  • The client needed a solution to manage the new application, improve SoC, and develop their SIEM tool.

The Challenge 

  • The client had difficulties managing a new legacy application and lacked skilled personnel for their SoC.
  • High expenses were incurred in maintaining the SoC and expertise was lacking for their SIEM platform development.
  • The security team's performance was inefficient in handling user requests and offering technical support.

The Solution 

  • Flatworld EDGE provided skilled resources to manage the client's SoC and custom SIEM tool.
  • They understood the SIEM tool's complexity, offering extensive technical support and streamlining SoC operations.
  • By utilizing technology and training, the team effectively managed the SIEM, establishing a robust SoC and bolstering client confidence.

The Result 

  • The client gained confidence in the technology, leading to more users and reduced technical talent deficit.
  • The deployed resources reduced operational costs and improved SOC operation efficiency.
  • The client identified and implemented changes for the SIEM tool, increasing their user demographic market share.