Flatworld rectified the client's data migration issues by modeling the source data as a star schema and making necessary alterations to resolve data discrepancies.The client faced challenges due to incorrect data formatting during migration, slow data rendering, and difficulties in transforming various data sources.

The outcomes included elimination of data discrepancies, easy access to relevant data, comprehensive view of operations, and enhanced customer information confidentiality.

Story of the Customer 

The client is a leading Europe-based digital marketing agency, delivering online marketing solutions globally. They faced issues with incorrect data migration to Power BI, leading to wrong data values and inconsistencies in reports.

The client sought seamless data migration to Power BI, with easy-to-understand, detailed reports linked to a central dataset

The Challenge 

  • The client's team had incorrectly formatted the data source during migration to Power BI, causing wrong data values in the reports.
  • The replication of large Excel tables to Power BI resulted in slow data rendering and complex reports.
  • Transforming data from sources like JSON and Excel into Power query format for Power BI was challenging, causing a mismatch between Power BI reports and their original source.

The Solution 

  • The source data was modeled as a star schema before migrating to Power BI to fix inaccurate report values.
  • Power BI Services Live Connection feature was used, enabling teams to connect to the dataset template and create customized reports.
  • Changes like altering table relationships and adding new measures were introduced to resolve data mismatch issues.

The Result 

  • The solution led to error-free, comprehensive reports in Power BI with no data discrepancy.
  • Additional reports and dashboards provided easy access to relevant data, tailored to business needs.
  • A 360-degree view of operations was achieved, with enhanced data security through row-level restrictions.