The client is a US-based granite company that was grappling with an inefficient manual IT ticketing system. They were experiencing problems with ticket routing, tracking, and managing their Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

In response to these challenges, we implemented a ServiceNow solution that transformed their operation. This solution not only streamlined their workflows but also significantly reduced their resolution time by 50%. The outcome was a marked improvement in the efficiency of their IT department.

Story of the Customer 

The client is a U.S-based company providing infrastructure solutions across America. They have been facing challenges like manual IT ticketing, disjointed data, and inefficient request routing.

To streamline their IT service request process, they are seeking a comprehensive, cloud-based ticketing system. This would enhance request routing efficiency and integrate their data for better performance.

The Challenge 

  • Manual ticket generation and tracking led to disjointed data inputs and inefficient workflows.
  • Absence of automated routing and alerts for deadlines resulted in slow and inefficient response to service requests.
  • Inability to link incident details to systems involved made issue resolution time-consuming, error-prone, and repetitive.

The Solution 

  • A ServiceNow ticketing management tool was implemented for automatic updates and improved process transparency.
  • A system was established for employees to report issues, which were prioritized and forwarded to the right support agent.
  • A logical data model facilitated a clear relationship between service asset and configuration management process.

The Result 

  • The ServiceNow ticketing tool reduced ticket resolution time by 50%, boosting IT team efficiency.
  • Formal workflows improved request management and complex CI relationships understanding.
  • Incorporation of external data into CMDB and timely deadline notifications enhanced operational effectiveness.