A top US Credit Union partnered with us to address limitations in their existing BI platform and enhance understanding of customer value. Their main challenges included inadequate real-time analytics and data blending difficulties.

Our comprehensive data science solution improved data management, provided customer behavior insights, and advised on roadmap definition, leading to a holistic understanding of customer lifetime value.

Story of the Customer

The customer is a top 10 US Credit Union serving 350,000 members, primarily high-tech firms like Microsoft and HP. They struggled with comprehending customer potential due to their existing BI platform's limitations.

The credit union sought a solution for calculating customer lifetime value, requiring an advanced data visualization and management platform. They aimed to enhance their understanding of customer value through improved real-time analytics and data blending.

The Challenge 

  • The current BI platform's restricted real-time analytics and data blending capabilities hindered customer life-time value understanding.
  • Establishing a robust data management governance process, including disaster recovery and backup, was a significant challenge.
  • Identifying key factors in past customer purchases and gauging customer responses to specific promotions posed considerable challenges.

The Solution 

  • A comprehensive data science solution was developed to understand potential customer revenue and profit.
  • The solution enabled robust data management and ensured operational efficiency with backup and disaster recovery.
  • Detailed data analysis helped in understanding customer behavior and targeting new engagement efforts.

The Result 

  • The bank gained insights on potential revenue and profit per customer through a comprehensive data science solution.
  • Enhanced data security and reliability was achieved with a robust governance process and backup system.
  • Insights on customer behavior enabled the bank to develop targeted and effective engagement efforts.