Our customer, a leading healthcare group in Asia, oversees numerous hospitals and over 3,000 pharmacies. They aimed to use their extensive video surveillance data more effectively for operational improvements and better profiling.

They sought an AI-based solution for real-time video analysis to automate procedures and identify patient patterns. Their goal was to enhance hospital operations and improve patient care through these technological advancements.

Story of the Customer 

Our client is one of Asia's largest healthcare groups, with a vast network of internationally accredited hospitals and over 3,000 pharmacy outlets. Despite their extensive video surveillance systems, they faced difficulties in leveraging this data to enhance operational efficiency and profiling, which led them to seek an AI solution.

The group was looking for an advanced solution that could provide real-time video analysis, automate employee processes, and identify patient patterns. The objective was to significantly improve the overall hospital experience for both patients and hospital staff.

The Challenge

  • Ensuring seamless integration of AI into the existing video surveillance systems without disruption is a challenge.
  • Scaling the solution to handle real-time video data from numerous cameras simultaneously can pose a technical difficulty.
  • Accurately detecting and analyzing complex human behavior in a busy hospital environment with AI is a significant hurdle.

The Solution 

  • The intelligent video analytics solution by FlatworldEdge enhances operational efficiency by allowing automatic analysis of video for event detection.
  • The system integrates easily with existing infrastructure and scales to monitor numerous cameras.
  • It provides actionable intelligence for real-time responses, optimizing business performance and patient experience.

The Result 

  • The solution enhanced operational efficiency and patient experience via real-time monitoring.
  • Integration and scalability provided the surveillance team with actionable intelligence.
  • Automated check-ins and patient footfall tracking optimized business performance.