FlatworldEdge helped the client by setting up a standardized, automated reporting system and optimizing their database. The client faced challenges with diverse data collection, dependency on database managers, and manual data validation.

The solution empowered the analytics team, reduced dependencies, and speed up the generation of monthly reports.

Story of the Client 

The client is a big financial company in India with many customers and offices across the country. The client faced challenges due to the absence of a data mart, leading to cumbersome and manually dependent data management, analysis, and reporting processes.

The client was in need of a solution that could standardize and automate their data reporting process, reduce dependencies, and empower the analytics team with necessary technical knowledge for efficient data handling.

The Challenge 

  • The client struggled with disorganized data collection across multiple databases and formats, lacking a unified data mart.
  • Business analysts relied heavily on the database manager for monthly reports, with manual data validation causing inefficiencies.
  • The absence of automated, standardized reporting led to person dependencies and potential errors due to manual intervention.

The Solution

  • Developed a standardized reporting template, automating and standardizing the entire reporting process.
  • Empowered the analytics team with necessary technical skills, eliminating dependencies and manual interventions.
  • Ensured monthly reports availability within 4 hours of data loading and optimized the database through data deduplication and identification of invalid fields.

The Result

  • The implementation of the new system removed person dependencies and manual intervention, significantly increasing efficiency in reporting and data validation.
  • The analytics team was empowered with the necessary technical knowledge, promoting a quicker and more accurate analysis process.
  • Monthly reports became available within 4 hours of data being loaded into the staging area, a drastic improvement from the previous timeline of weeks.