FlatworldEdge expertly integrated ServiceNow into the client's complex IT ecosystem, overcoming challenges with their extensive module knowledge. The client's limited in-house capabilities added to these challenges, emphasizing FlatworldEdge's value.

Post-implementation, the client saw improvements in service delivery and support task efficiency. They could also effectively handle multilevel customer requests, showcasing the broad benefits of the ServiceNow integration.

Story of the Customer 

The client, a Dubai-based global logistics firm, is struggling with their intricate IT ecosystem integration. Their primary challenge is a lack of in-house capabilities to effectively couple various applications with ServiceNow.

In response, they are seeking a unified, cloud-based IT platform along with expert assistance for ServiceNow integration. Their aim is to bolster efficiency, streamline IT services, and better adapt to future IT advancements.

The Challenge 

  • The client lacked the knowledge and capabilities to integrate their diverse applications with the ServiceNow platform.
  • Management of their complex IT ecosystem, particularly Incident, Change, Problem, Procurement Management, and Service Catalogs, posed significant challenges.
  • Despite the need to develop in-house ServiceNow capabilities, the client lacked the expertise to do so seamlessly.

The Solution 

  • FlatworldEdge offered a specialized team to seamlessly integrate applications into the ServiceNow platform.
  • Over 100 applications were successfully incorporated into ServiceNow, improving service delivery and customer support.
  • Implementations like SharePoint onboarding and ServiceNow DevOps were added, enhancing efficiency and streamlining processes.

The Result 

  • The client was able to streamline internal processes and improve service delivery through a uniform IT service management system post ServiceNow integration.
  • Automation of employee onboarding improved HR efficiency and satisfaction.
  • The integration of ServiceNow, SharePoint, and ServiceNow DevOps greatly enhanced customer support and enabled efficient management of customer requests.