Flatworld consolidated 2TB of data into one application for reporting and migrated over 1000 SSRS reports to Power BI for a leading motor insurance company. The client needed to manage data across multiple systems, migrate to Power BI, and organize reports for seamless coordination and transparency.

The result was a centralized data storage, improved report efficiency, seamless report access with enhanced security, and a comprehensive operations overview.

Story of the Customer 

The client, a top Fortune 500 motor vehicle insurance company, specializes in motorbike insurance across the UK, India, Gibraltar, and the Philippines. They faced challenges managing 2TB of data spread across multiple applications, resulting in disorganized, jumbled reports.

The client sought to migrate from SSRS to Power BI, declutter reports by department, and enhance data access across departments.

The Challenge

  • The client faced the challenge of handling 2TB of data spread across multiple systems, complicating MIS reporting.
  • Migrating over 1000 SSRS reports to Power BI presented a significant challenge due to the volume and complexity.
  • The lack of differentiation within Power BI reports for various departments created issues in data organization and accessibility.

The Solution 

  • The solution involved developing SQL Server’s Analysis Services cubes to centralize all data into one Data Warehouse.
  • An RDL migration tool was used to migrate all SSRS reports to Power BI, improving data visualization.
  • On-premises Power BI gateways were set up for secure data access and multiple Power BI workspaces were created for each department with specific user access permissions.

The Result 

  • Centralized data storage was achieved, enabling more organized and synchronized data handling.
  • Migration to Power BI from SSRS improved report efficiency, with secure, real-time data retrieval from a central Data Warehouse.
  • Seamless user access to Power BI reports and dashboards was established, enhancing data security and providing a top view of operations.