Cross-platform app development services:
Tailored apps with Flatworld EDGE’s Xamarin expertise

We create high-performing, feature-packed, digitally transformative mobile apps that boost user engagement, putting you ahead of your competition.

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Cross-Platform App Development Services: Bringing Your Vision to Life in The Digital Realm

At FlatworldEdge, we specialize in crafting innovative, user-friendly, cross-platform app development services that cater to your specific needs. Our team of skilled developers leverages the latest technologies to ensure your app meets the mark. Our client-centric approach and synergized Xamarin solutions are an ideal combination to deliver to you the best native app performance.

  • Expertise in Cross-Platform App Development Services
  • 45+ Countries Delivering Solutions
  • Comprehensive Approach to Implementation
  • Dedicated Team of Cross-Platform App Development Specialists
  • Over 600 Successful Projects and Counting

Unlocking the potential of cross-platform app development services FlatworldEdge

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iOS App Development

We craft premium iOS apps with a strong focus on security, delivering smooth and engaging experiences for iPhone and iPad users.

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Android App Development

Our team builds Android apps that cater to a broad audience, leveraging the versatility and wide market reach of the Android platform.

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Hybrid App Development

We build hybrid apps that combine the best features of different platforms, ensuring optimal performance and consistent user experiences.

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React Native App Development

Proficient in React Native, we create beautiful mobile apps that are indistinguishable from those built using Objective-C or Java.

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Flutter App Development

We leverage Flutter to design visually appealing and fast mobile apps that offer a native experience across various screen sizes.

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Unity Mobile App Development

We deploy the power of Unity to develop interactive and immersive gaming apps, providing unmatched user experiences.

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Cross-Platform App Development

Our team is proficient in various platforms and technologies, and our team creates mobile apps that run seamlessly on multiple platforms.

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Custom Mobile App Development

We tailor mobile app development services to your unique business needs and objectives.

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Managed App Development

We handle the complete app development lifecycle, from design and development to testing, deployment, and maintenance.

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UI/UX Design

We build intuitive and engaging user interfaces and experiences that captivate app users and encourage their return.

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Enterprise Mobile App Development Services

We build robust and secure enterprise mobile apps that streamline business processes and boost productivity.

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Mobile App Testing

The team conducts rigorous testing to ensure bug-free apps that deliver top-notch performance across various devices and platforms.

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App Store Optimization

We enhance app visibility and rankings in app stores, increasing downloads.

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Support & Maintenance

We deliver reliable post-deployment support and maintenance, ensuring your app remains up-to-date and valuable to your business.

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Cross-Platform App Development Services Workflow

FlatworldEdge offers high-quality Cross-Platform App Development services that caters to your business needs, and we follow a comprehensive, step-by-step workflow to ensure the delivery of the best apps capable of taking your business to new heights:


Requirement Analysis

  • Comprehend your business vision, objectives, and the app's intended user experience.
  • Define the app's purpose and core functionalities.
  • Select the appropriate technology stack and platform.
  • Create a wireframe or prototype of the app.


  • Craft detailed wireframes and interactive prototypes.
  • Ensure an engaging and intuitive user experience with interactive UI/UX design.


  • Establish the development environment.
  • Code the app and configure servers, databases, and APIs.
  • Implement robust data security measures and encryption for user data protection.


  • Conduct rigorous unit testing to guarantee a bug-free app that runs seamlessly on various devices and platforms.
  • Perform comprehensive testing that covers functional, performance, security, and user acceptance aspects.


  • Formulate a comprehensive plan for app deployment, including App Store optimization.
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    Submit the application to the respective app stores.
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    Vigilantly monitor app performance post-launch and promptly address any identified issues.

Maintenance & Support Post-deployment

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    Provide ongoing maintenance and support services.
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    Continuous performance monitoring, troubleshooting, upgrades, and the addition of new features as required

Tools and tecnologies we are skilled in

Harnessing cutting-edge technologies to deliver custom mobile app development services

  • Programming Languages: Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin.
  • Cross-Platform Development: React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic.
  • Backend Technologies: Node.js, Python, Java, .NET, and expert handling of MySQL, MongoDB.
  • Cloud Platforms: AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure.
  • APIs and Libraries: RESTful APIs, GraphQL, and various third-party libraries.
  • UI/UX Design Tools: Sketch, Adobe XD, InVision.
  • Testing Tools: Jest, Mocha, Espresso.
  • AI, ML, AR/VR Technologies: TensorFlow, PyTorch, Unity, ARCore, ARKit

Empowering Your Digital Vision with Cross-Platform App Development Services

Strategic Cross-Platform Expertise

Our team specializes in crafting high-performing, feature-packed mobile apps that seamlessly run on multiple platforms. Benefit from our strategic expertise in Xamarin, React Native, Flutter, and more.

On-Time Delivery Assurance

Count on us for punctual project completion, ensuring your cross-platform app is launched promptly to seize crucial market opportunities. We are committed to delivering on time, every time.

Issue Resolution

Our rapid bug fix times minimize downtime, ensuring that your users have a seamless and uninterrupted experience, enhancing user satisfaction.

High Code Quality

At FlatworldEdge, our rigorous code quality evaluations ensure that your cross-platform apps are built to the highest standards of software craftsmanship.

Stellar Stability

Experience apps with low crash rates that deliver unparalleled stability. Our commitment to stability ensures that your users can depend on the reliability of your cross-platform applications.

Insightful Feature Analytics

Harness the power of our focus on feature usage analytics. We refine app functionality based on valuable insights, maximizing relevance, and enhancing user engagement.

Success Stories of Our Cross-Platform App Development Services

Begin your journey toward excellence with our cross-platform app development services.

Begin your journey toward excellence with our cross-platform app development services.




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