Microsoft Azure Cloud Support & Migration Services

Our Microsoft Azure consulting services and migration expertise will help you benefit from the power of cloud technology for your analytics, storage, networking, and virtual computing needs. Our Azure Cloud Migration Services ensure the seamless transfer of data and applications while preserving their integrity and security. Watch your business take flight as our Microsoft Azure consultants effortlessly migrate you to the cloud to take advantage of the enhanced performance and capabilities the cloud offers.


Why Migrate to the Microsoft Azure Cloud?

  • High-Grade Security

    High-Grade Security

    Microsoft Azure data centers are highly secure and ensure that your data remains safe even in the face of natural disasters. With multiple storage options, data can be securely stored in a host of data centers with at least 3 copies of the same data being maintained on separate nodes.

Why Migrate to Azure
  • Simple Implementation

    Simple Implementation

    Microsoft Azure cloud implementation is simple and effective. It only takes your system administrator minutes to generate new virtual machines instead of the weeks or months of planning, configuring and installing it would normally involve.

  • Easy Accessibility

    Easy Accessibility

    Our Microsoft Azure support services allow you to access your data on the cloud at any time and from any location so long as you have an internet connection. You no longer need to be on premises, and in some cases, you may not even need a VPN to gain access to your data 24x7.

  • Rapid Scalability

    Rapid Scalability

    This Microsoft Azure cloud computing technology enables you to quickly respond to changing market conditions by scaling up or down your operations and storage requirements as needed. You only pay for what you use, and your servers can be primed to handle an influx of busine easily handle an influx of business or data.

  • Lower Costs

    Lower Costs

    Our Microsoft Azure cloud migration services drastically reduce your infrastructure costs. This is because they eliminate the need to purchase more physical infrastructure to handle and increase business volumes. This also allows your staff to work on more important tasks than maintaining and reconfiguring your systems.

  • Regular Updates

    Regular Updates

    The Microsoft Azure cloud environment is highly compatible with different programming languages, frameworks, and tools, including Microsoft-specific systems and third-party software. New applications and upgrades can be adopted with ease. Our Microsoft Azure implementation services ensure constant updates to secure cloud applications.

  • Extended collaboration capabilities

    Extended collaboration capabilities

    Employees have a range of collaboration options, including group chats, video conferencing, and shared team sites. Leverage the benefits of our Microsoft Azure cloud support, enabling all stakeholders to combine their energies to enhance user and developer productivity.


Microsoft Azure Migration Services

  • Application Migration
  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Application Resource Management
  • On-Demand Infrastructure
  • Real-Time Migration Planning
  • DevOps Implementation & Consulting

Application Migration

Azure service application migration

Application Migration

Develop a transparent and tailored Azure cloud migration process to ensure optimal utilization of the cloud. It ensures a smooth transition of your legacy and on-premises applications to the cloud. Besides, get active assistance in capacity estimation, redundancy planning, and security management to ensure your cloud environment syncs with your organizational system.

Infrastructure Migration

Infrastructure Migration

Our cloud engineers deliver Microsoft Azure cloud migration services and implementation support to help enterprises seamlessly host their existing infrastructure in the Azure cloud environment. We help these enterprises transition from legacy infrastructure to a cloud-hosted environment to help expand their capabilities.

Azure service infrastructure migration

Application Resource Management

Azure service application resource management

Application Resource Management

Our cloud engineers deliver Microsoft Azure cloud migration services and implementation support to help enterprises seamlessly host their existing infrastructure in the Azure cloud environment. We help these enterprises transition from legacy infrastructure to a cloud-hosted environment to help expand their capabilities.

On-Demand Infrastructure

On-Demand Infrastructure

Get an Azure IaaS solution to handle all infrastructural stresses from storage, identity, and servers to networking, security, and compliance. Flatworld EDGE delivers Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with a 360° approach to meet specific business requirements. We move critical infrastructure and applications to the cloud after evaluating your current and future high scalability and flexibility requirements.

Azure service on demand infrastructure

Real-Time Migration Planning

Azure service real time migration planning

Real-Time Migration Planning

Our Microsoft cloud consultants understand real-time application needs. We map on-premises workloads to the service configurations needed for seamless performance on the Azure cloud environment. We carry out real-time cloud migration services with extensive planning to ensure efficiency, agility, and scalability. Our process entails banking on automated migration tools, assessing your on-premises environment, evaluating cost estimates involved with every workload, and establishing correct performance metrics. Our Azure cloud engineers also account for workload priorities, milestones, resources, and the like.

DevOps Implementation & Consulting

DevOps Implementation & Consulting

Our cloud engineers leverage Continuous Integration to speed up project delivery times. We also accelerate the time-to-market by banking on Microsoft DevOps tools to manage the application development lifecycle. Bring your DevOps vision to life with our cloud implementation, upgrades, migration, and Azure consulting services, all driven by best industry practices.

Azure service devops implementation consulting
At Flatworld EDGE, we plan and design cutting-edge cloud migrations harnessing the power of Azure cloud AI and infrastructural support to surpass our client’s requirements.

Microsoft Azure Migration Process

Azure planning and assessment Planning and
Our certified engineers evaluate the current assets in your environment for readiness assessment reports that specify the software and hardware components needed for cloud migration. We also offer recommendations to help you accelerate your IT infrastructure planning process.
Azure process migrationMigration
We explore the on-premises application, infrastructure, and data you currently use to help you identify the technologies and tools you may need to successfully migrate them over to the cloud. We then help you migrate to the Azure cloud with ease.
Azure process optimizationOptimization
We optimize your system performance by monitoring your applications and looking for ways to improve their functioning. Our experts will help enterprises safely and continuously consume Azure resources according to their needs.
Azure process monitoringMonitoring
Our specialists monitor the ongoing operations of your infrastructure and applications for effective cloud migration services. Security, data privacy, and compliance are also continuously monitored to ensure that all the critical components of your Azure cloud environment are functioning at maximum efficiency.
Azure process disaster recovery falloverDisaster Recovery & Failover
Our Microsoft Azure cloud support services for data recovery can be configured to natively protect your server’s data and resources. We also run a test migration and failover to the Azure cloud to ensure that your backup works perfectly in the event of a disaster.

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Why Outsource to Flatworld EDGE?

Microsoft Certified Partner

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we have early access to new product features and Azure cloud services to offer support at any time. Our direct channel with Microsoft means that we can leverage our certified training to implement innovative solutions for our clients before our competitors.


Easily Adaptable Engagement Models

You can outsource the entire cloud migration project to get the dedicated resources you need to ensure its successful implementation. We can also ensure that you only need to pay for the Microsoft Azure cloud services you use instead of all the additional features that are offered.


Proven Track Record

Our team of Azure cloud engineers come with extensive experience in the field and have helped thousands of clients successfully transition to the cloud environment. It is easy for them to understand your requirements based on the number of past projects and scopes they have delivered.


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