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Enhancing Your Automation Stability: Proactive Automation maintenance and support services for Seamless Operations


Continuous Functionality Assurance

Deliver ongoing support to ensure the seamless performance of Workday automation processes, enabling uninterrupted marketing operations.


Proactive Issue Resolution

Identify and address potential challenges before they impact marketing activities, providing proactive solutions for a smoother Workday automation experience.


Workday System Monitoring

Implement robust support and maintenance for Workday systems, monitoring for any anomalies and ensuring prompt resolution to enhance system reliability.


System Uptime

Measure the percentage of time the Workday automation system is operational, aiming for high system uptime to maintain continuous functionality for marketing tasks.


Issue Resolution Time

We guide you in tracking the average time taken to address and resolve support tickets or reported issues, aiming for swift and efficient problem resolution to minimize downtime.


User Satisfaction

We help you use feedback mechanisms to gauge user satisfaction with support services, ensuring a positive and effective Workday experience for marketing teams.


Mastering the Digital Domain with Workday for CMOs

CMOs often face the challenge of aligning and motivating diverse marketing teams with varying skill sets and perspectives. FlatworldEdge's Workday support services empower CMOs to lead their marketing teams with precision, efficiency, and a data-driven approach, ultimately driving business growth and achieving strategic marketing goals.

Power BI Dashboard Development Process

FlatworldEdge employs a systematic workflow to ensure the delivery of high-quality Power BI dashboard development services that align with your business objectives. Our workflow is transparent and interactive and keeps you engaged at every stage:

Discovery & Planning

  • Understand your business goals and the intended user experience.
  • Define the dashboard's purpose and key functionalities.
  • Choose the technology stack and platform that best suits your needs.
  • Create a wireframe or prototype to visualize the dashboard's structure.


  • Develop detailed wireframes and interactive prototypes.
  • Create an intuitive UI/UX design for an engaging user experience.


  • Set up the development environment.
  • Code the website and configure servers, databases, and APIs.
  • Implement robust data security measures to protect user information.


  • Conduct rigorous unit testing to ensure a bug-free experience on various devices and platforms.
  • Perform functional, performance, security, and user acceptance testing to validate functionality.


  • Create a detailed deployment plan, including optimization for effective performance.
  • Submit the dashboard to the intended platforms.
  • Continuously monitor the live dashboard's performance to promptly address any issues.

Maintenance & Support Post-deployment

  • Provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the dashboard remains up-to-date and efficient.
  • Monitor performance, troubleshoot issues, perform upgrades, and add new features as required.

Optimizing Workday HR Services: Proficient Solutions to Address HR Challenges and Improve Operational Efficiency


Integrated HR Solutions

We help you integrate Workday HR services seamlessly with other business systems, creating a unified platform for comprehensive human resource management.


Employee Data Management

Our team helps you streamline Workday Human Capital Management to effectively manage and organize employee data—allowing quick access and informed decision-making.


Adaptive HR Solutions

We offer agile Workday HR solutions that adapt to evolving business needs, ensuring scalability and flexibility in managing workforce dynamics.


User Adoption Rate

We measure how well employees and HR staff adapt to and use the Workday system. Higher adoption rates indicate successful implementation.


System Uptime and Reliability

Our team helps monitor the system's uptime and reliability to ensure continuous access to HR services. Aim for high availability and minimal downtime.


Data Accuracy and Integrity

We track data accuracy and integrity within the Workday system to ensure that HR information is reliable for decision-making.

Success Stories in Power BI Dashboard Development

Discover our standout projects, the challenges we conquered, and the customized solutions we delivered through our Power BI Dashboard Development Services.

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