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Digital healthcare is of paramount importance in current times. With an ongoing pandemic, remote access to digital healthcare is the need of the hour. 2022 will see a surge in these digital capabilities being implemented in the healthcare industry. The global mobile medical apps market is projected to be valued at $236 billion by 2026. The next few years will see a disruption in how medical practitioners and patients are addressing care.

When we talk about medical apps in 2022, focus will move from merely sending notifications to a diverse range of services such as diagnosis, telemedicine, appointment management, and automated prescriptions. These new digital features and mobile solutions will drive the healthcare industry.

Let’s explore some of the latest healthcare mobile app development technology trends:

Internet of Things for Medicine (IoT)


IoT is being projected as a real gamechanger for the healthcare industry in 2022. Wearable devices with IoT-embedded applications are gaining popularity due to their benefits of contactless functioning across healthcare processes. Using data obtained from wearable devices that are powered with applications built using Internet of Things, medical professionals will be able to keep track of patient’s health remotely. Since IoT ensures transfer of data without the need for any human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction, these applications establish instant connections between patients and medical practitioners. In times of a pandemic, IoT will enable doctors to examine patients remotely thereby eliminating risks of bringing large numbers of potentially infectious people together. They also help in expanding healthcare to regions that are physically inaccessible. Therefore, IoT integrated medical apps will be an important aspect in the next few years.

Blockchain Integration

The need to maintain patient data privacy is where blockchain is going to play a key role in healthcare mobile application development. Use of blockchain technology in the healthcare industry is expected to reach $6 billion by 2025. Due its properties of inter-linked data, blockchain allows for data security to be maintained. Use of blockchain technology in mobile app development for healthcare provides the following benefits:

  • Improved processing of medical bills and secure online transactions on healthcare apps
  • Strengthened medical testing
  • Advanced remote patient monitoring

With the help of blockchain integration, healthcare mobile apps can provide benefits of remote prescription adherence with automatic prescriptions and alert notifications for patients. Blockchain enabled healthcare mobile apps will also help in reducing the burden on physicians by providing them access to medical records with minimal errors.

Artificial Intelligence

Technologies associated with Artificial Intelligence are going to drastically change and shape modern healthcare app development in 2022. According to a report by Accenture, 69% of healthcare organizations around the world have begun implementing AI to automate work. AI will be integrated into app development for healthcare in the forms of chatbots, automated health alerts and voice recognition. These and many more AI-enabled features on mobile healthcare apps will help patients in reducing wait times, booking appointments, connecting with specialists, and asking health related questions. On the other end, the features will assist medical practitioners in providing quick and instant access to a patient’s history, viewing reports, and generating digital prescriptions.


Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, virtual visits to medical clinics have increased by 20 times. 2022 and the coming years will see a surge in telemedicine app users and a decline in traditional hospital visits for consultations. The global telemedicine market is expected to reach $270 billion by 2026. Telemedicine apps are being seen as easy and convenient ways to provide instant consultations to patients. These medical apps will help provide real-time video consultations, communication platforms for accessible healthcare. They will also help in virtually diagnosing the patients, prescribing medicines, and having them delivered at a patient’s doorstep to eliminate physical visits to medical clinics or healthcare facilities.

Cloud Computing

cloud computing

In 2022, cloud computing will be an integral part of the healthcare mobile application development process by assisting in delivering a host of on-demand services. The healthcare cloud computing industry is expected to reach USD 64.7 billion by 2025. Users of cloud-based healthcare mobile apps will be able to access data from anywhere. This data will also be secure and easily sharable in real-time. Medical professionals will be able to stay up to date regarding treatment procedures to ensure effectiveness in care provided.

How We Assist You in Developing Tech-enabled Mobile App Solutions?

As leading providers of custom medical solutions, we ensure high quality and cost-effective tech-enabled software solutions for the healthcare industry. We deliver modern software-driven solutions by leveraging latest technologies and trends into your healthcare mobile app to improve its prospects of success. We conceptualize and develop functional medical apps that are enabled with exhaustive features like scheduling, tracking, analytics, and push notifications. Using technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence and voice-based features, we help you develop better patient-doctor relationships.

The importance of reducing burdens on health practitioners in the current times of pandemic cannot be stressed enough. Through our mobile app development services, we build multifunctional and easy-to-use apps that will assist medical professionals by providing them quick access to medical records. To cite an instance, for one of our clients, we built a mobile medical app that was meant to ease the work of medical practitioners by reducing data entry. We used latest technological tools to include features such as appointment scheduling, quick access to medical records and easy-to-use navigation to make the app user-friendly for medical professionals.

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