If you own a start-up, your priority should be to increase the visibility of your brand in quick time. In doing so, you create the awareness needed to compete with established players. In a smartphone driven age, it is possible to achieve this with a business app, provided you have a good strategy in place. A lot, however, depends on the platform you choose to build your app. A cross platform app is always the best choice, because it helps you to reach out to a larger audience, cutting across the Android and iOS divide.

Cross platform mobile development frameworks are one of the tried and tested methods to grow a startup. In this article, we will explore the benefits of cross platform mobile app development services and how it can aid a startup’s objective to capture a larger audience.

Mobile App Development

Statista’s findings state that by 2023, the yearly count of mobile app downloads across the world will reach a value of 299 billion.

Reasons Why a Startup Should opt for Cross Platform Mobile App Development


Cross platform mobile app development framework is the best bet for startups for a number of reasons. Let’s probe deeper into why a startup should opt for this mobile app development framework:

Best Option to Create an MVP

If you are a startup app development company and have a great mobile application idea but not sure of its acceptance among the audience, you must create a prototype that is an MVP of your product idea.

Cross platform framework such as the Xamarin mobile application development framework speeds up the process of creating an MVP. The usage of a single code database accelerates the product prototyping process.

This is essential to check the acceptability of your product among the audience in real-time. You can engage the user feedback to make necessary changes in the prototype and then launch a product that is aligned to the expectations of a larger mass.

A Less Expensive Alternative

The fact that a single app can be used for both iOS and Android platform itself is a cost-saving proposition. Cross platform mobile development frameworks involve using a single codebase and reusing the same code for the backend and all the user interface levels of a mobile application. This saves the money on creating new codes.

Once the application is launched, you will need only a single team of developers for the overall maintenance of the application for both the iOS and Android platforms. This includes detecting and fixing bugs, resolving errors, and regularly updating the application. This will further benefit you with significant cost savings.

Easy to Introduce Updates

The usage of a single codebase makes it easier to make changes in the codes to see changes within a short span of time.

Cross platform frameworks’ live reloading features swiftly refreshes the entire application based on the updates made. Meanwhile, the hot reloading feature syncs application with specific code changes.

The single source code of a cross platform mobile application can be easily synced with various available plugins and extensions in the cloud. This further eases the upgradation of the application to improve its functionality and scalability.

Lesser Time to Develop

This is one of the critical advantages of using cross platform mobile app development services for startups. Lesser TAT of creating an application automatically reduces the time taken to launch the product. This increases its chance of capturing a larger audience base before others do.

A single code is used to create a mobile application that is functional across multiple platforms. This code can be translated into various native codes to create applications for a specific platform. Such an ability to create applications using a single code script effectively minimizes the application development time.

In addition, a quality analyst is required to test only a single version of the application as opposed to testing the application for both the platforms separately. This further reduces the application development time and gives the product a fair chance to gain market control quickly.

Appeal to a Wider Audience

According to Statista, the third quarter of this year saw more 50 million of iPhone sales. Meanwhile, a BusinessofApps publication reported that 71% of smartphone users subscribe to Android phones.

This indicates the fact that if you are planning to launch your mobile application idea using cross platform mobile app development framework, you are likely to capture more than half of the smartphone using audience.

Another important advantage of this framework to note is, it helps create a uniform structure and user interface for a single application for various platforms. This means that a user accessing the same application across different platforms will have the same user experience. An otherwise scenario would have created confusion for users as well as burdened the developing team with extra hours of coding. This advantage further broadens the scope of the cross platform mobile application to capture a wider audience.

How We Help You Choose and Implement the Best Cross Platform Mobile Development Framework?

If you are looking for a low cost and easy application development framework, we recommend Xamarin mobile application development framework for you. This framework allows you to reuse 95% of the codebase.

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Xamarin allows to write codes for Windows, iOS, and Android in C#. In addition, Xamarin forms’ XAML framework enables UI design for all mobile platforms.

However, using this cross-platform app development framework has its own sets of challenges. For instance, to give a native look to the mobile applications built for Android and iOS individually, developers must write codes using native APIs for each platform. Our team of Xamarin experts are cross trained in Objective-C/Swift language for the iOS platform and Kotlin/Java language for the Android platform. This knowledge in native languages helps them to write specific layer of codes for mobile applications meant to run on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Applications developed using the Xamarin mobile application development framework is usually larger in size than native applications. We provide custom linker configuration service to address this issue. This involves linking to identify and remove redundant codes from the inclusive libraries. It also helps to minimize the application file size.

We make a diligent use of over 40 cross-platform controls and layouts of the Xamarin mobile app development framework to leverage the backend C# code across the iOS and Android platforms. This will accelerate the building process of fully native applications.

Who Are We and Why Are We Considered as An Industry Authority?

This article is penned by experts at FlatworldEDGE, a leading Xamarin mobile application development company, with over a decade of experience in mobile app development. We provide a range cross-platform mobile application solution which are Xamarin. Forms app development, Android and iOS app development solutions. Our scopes of app development services range from consultation, app testing to customization and app maintenance.