Start-ups are often strapped for cash. Every penny they spend must create value for the business. While there are multiple ways of creating tangible value for a start-up, custom mobile app development is one way that keeps your customers hooked on your platform. The intangible value offered by a piece of software is immense, especially for trendy upstarts looking to cater to a new generation of users. 

People today prefer having technology at their fingertips. Every start-up wants to jump on this bandwagon and cater to an audience with an ever-growing affinity toward mobile technology. 

There are close to 8 billion people on earth, and according to Statista, 80% of the world’s population uses smartphones. Yes, this number is only going to grow in the coming years. 

According to Statista’s Digital Market Outlook, the global revenue from mobile apps will reach around 613 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. 

Software and app development is a cumbersome task for start-ups unless they have professional expertise. Today mobile apps are making their way into every industry, whether it’s the food industry, healthcare, construction, or productivity and management. 

How can you, as a business, capitalize on this opportunity? Let’s discuss how mobile development companies improve the business for start-ups and large corporations. 

Here’s How a Mobile Application Development Company Builds the Right Platform for Start ups

1. Start-ups Get Unique and Intuitive User Experiences for Their Apps

When a business is starting up, it can’t afford to lose even a single customer. Today’s high-tech ecosystem has no place for a bad user experience. So, start-ups need to focus on creating the perfect onboarding and usage experience for their early adapters.

A mobile app development company has access to several expert designers, prototype engineers, and app developers who know their way around common problems. They devise custom approaches to the mobile app development solutions that help you achieve the perfect balance between providing a great user experience and helping you achieve your business goals.  

User interfaces need to be subtle to a level that they are virtually unnoticeable. To make your apps intuitive, you need to find the right balance. Unfortunately, not everyone can maintain this balance. However, if you outsource custom mobile app development services to professionals, they will ensure your company finds this delicate balance.

The result – Increased customer retention rate, dwell time, and app downloads for your app. 

2. Access to Unparalleled Maintenance and Support

There are so many things that can go wrong during and after an app launch campaign. Regular maintenance and support help you sustain your app’s growth in a focused way. 

A skilled, experienced team will reduce the number of things you have to worry about. Usually, enterprise-grade maintenance and support services provide the following benefits: 

A. Configuration Management

The systems engineering teams establish and maintain consistency in your app/products’ performance. 

B. Release Management 

Planning, scheduling, and managing the project with the help of a mobile app development company throughout the software development life cycle allows you, as a business, to release updates on a regular basis.  

C. Knowledge Management

Teams of engineers and testers at a professional mobile app development company ensure that internal knowledge and information of a project are created, shared, and managed smoothly across cross-functional teams. 

D. Quality Management

A professional mobile app development company ensures that the four pillars of quality management — Quality planning, Quality assurance, Quality control, and Quality improvement are strengthened to ensure sustained growth without hindrances. 

If you’re unable to match these in-house, it might be a wise move to partner up with a professional mobile app development company.

3. Access to High Standard of Quality Assurance and Control

High Standard

A piece of software without bugs is nothing more than a figment of an over-optimistic developer’s imagination. 

Any app in the production stage must go through multiple rounds of testing that includes –

A. Functionality Testing

This step aims to verify if all the components are functioning correctly or not.

B. Usability Testing 

Usability is an essential aspect of any application, web or mobile. Users demand high-end usability, or they’ll move to something else. 

C. Design Testing

Analyzing every aspect of the design is essential to ensure no issues are missed. These include forms, links, colors, layout, alignment, navigation, and responsiveness.

D. Content Testing

Grammar errors, ambiguous phrases, and non-conventional styles can negatively impact an application, which is why they need to be addressed during testing.

E. Compatibility Testing

Apps are meant to run across all kinds of devices, be it Android, iOS, or web. Testing them on multiple devices is essential to ensuring compatibility.

A professional mobile app development company ensures your app goes through stringent QA and QC processes that cover all these tests and more to provide your start-up with a finished product, not an experiment, when it is delivered. 

4. Access to High-Converting Launch and Marketing Strategies

The key to reaching and persuading your customers is excellent marketing. Start-ups often lack a well-staffed marketing department, putting them at an inherent disadvantage. For a mobile app to get the reception it deserves, you need to find a perfect base to launch it. 

Custom mobile app development companies have winning marketing strategies in their arsenal that help budding upstarts get the platform they deserve and reach a broader market. 

5. Save On Costs 

The most significant benefit of any type of outsourcing is the reduction in overhead costs, development costs, and operational costs. 

Outsourced mobile application development services allow you to focus on the integral parts of your business, like growth and customer acquisition, while giving away the headache of managing the tech stack, enabling you to grow at a breakneck pace.

Why Choose Our Mobile App Development Services for Your Start Up Needs?

Developing an app for your product is more of a strategic and less of a technical decision and should therefore be intrinsic to the company’s values and objectives. 

Before you start building your mobile app, it is vital to forecast the results. Our custom mobile app development team helps you get a creative, reliable, and secure mobile solution for your start-up. 

With years of experience building mobile apps for several well-known start-ups and enterprises, we’re the best solution for custom mobile app development. Our deep expertise in developing and testing iOS, Android, and web applications enables us to deliver bug-free, high-quality apps to global clients.

A custom mobile app is exactly what you need to help your product tap into a new market. Our expert team of technology consultants is eager to help you enhance your start-up’s value by understanding how tapping into a new market can benefit you. Speak to the best mobile app development company today.

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