Imagine a scenario where your employees are frustrated with HR services. It could be detrimental to their productivity and ultimately lead to a rift between your internal resources. All of this will affect the way you deliver to clients and ultimately impact the bottom line. Now, you would want to avoid the situation at all costs but probably don’t know where to start.

Well, ServiceNow can be an ideal solution for your business. The HR Service Delivery platform of ServiceNow offers a world of benefits. It is exactly what we will be discussing in this article. Read on to find out how you can increase employee satisfaction with the help of ServiceNow.

Businesses can expect a 254% ROI with a savings of $7.62M in a period of three years with ServiceNow.

Importance Of Employee Workflow

Your employees are your most vital asset, and there is no second opinion about that. Keeping them happy and motivated is essential if you are expecting measurable results from them. With the help of the digitized workflows of ServiceNow, you can remove system inefficiencies. It will help your employees focus on doing meaningful work, leading to increased productivity. They would love doing what they do instead of wasting their time on things that are not under their control.

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When there are no defined processes, employees might have to run pillar and post to get their queries resolved. They might approach the finance department when their query could get resolved by the HR team. It will lead to chaos and waste everyone’s time. The problems of employees can be critical and need careful handling.

Quite often, it can be less relevant issues that can lead to a disgruntled employee. When you look at it later, you can realize that it was a minor issue. However, since it did not get resolved on time, things escalated and got out of control. Important aspects related to the resolving of the queries of your employees need a proper redressal mechanism. Most importantly, your employees should know that such systems exist and how to use them effectively.

ServiceNow workflow management helps improve employee self-service by up to 80%

How ServiceNow transforms HR Department

When it comes to employee satisfaction and retention, businesses can differentiate themselves by offering better services to their employees. The employee experience starts right from the interview stage and lasts till an employee stays in the organization. The journey of an employee can have crucial stages like the onboarding process, relocation, and promotions.

Forward-looking organizations can simplify these stages and distinguish themselves from others. They can offer personalized services that help meet employee satisfaction and boost their productivity. ServiceNow offers several benefits for the HR function. Here is a detailed overview of each of them.

  • Provides simplified access to business processes by reconstructing them into scalable services and automated workflows with the objective of improving operational efficiency. Organizations can effectively streamline and automate workflows to strive towards business continuity in times of a pandemic.
  • Organizations can rethink the way support services can be delivered to employees to drive employee engagement. Employees’ needs can be met with precision by providing them what they need at the right time through various platforms like web and mobile apps. 

ServiceNow’s HR Portal provides organizations numerous benefits such as:

· Simplified management of compliance and contract activities such as payroll, tax slips etc.

· Streamlined internal communications through instant response to requests and approvals effectively

. Easier management of knowledge sharing process

· Aligning and adhere to local differences and standards

· Building a functional platform that connects IT and organization

Employees should be able to have instant access to information without having to rely on HR teams. Using chatbots to address their queries related to HR policies and status of tickets raised will build user satisfaction.

ServiceNow HR case management system helps in managing, prioritizing and directing all employee queries into a single platform. This enables sharing knowledge and FAQs through a centralized platform and improving service deliveries by gaining insights into the nature of employee requests. It also provides other advantages such as streamlined workflows, improved employee satisfaction and improved collaboration among different departments.

· Knowledge Management

With the help of the Case and Knowledge Management tool of ServiceNow, you can answer queries and document them. It aids easy set-up of HR services that employees will find useful.

· Service Center

The Employee Service Center function of ServiceNow helps employees get access to all relevant human resources-related information. Employees can place requests, receive guidance, and also track progress. This resource can prove to be very friendly for your employees.

· Onboarding and Transition

You can manage the life cycles of your employees with much ease. ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding is beneficial in enhancing employee experiences by providing features such as step-by-step guidance and direction for new hires. Automation leads to the effective handling of such tasks. The HR team can also focus on other productive tasks.

ServiceNow helps drive employee productivity by simplifying workflows and provides easy access to services. Implementation of ServiceNow HR Service Delivery assists HR personnel in managing the onboarding processes efficiently on a single workspace.  

These HR-related solutions help in increasing the organizational efficiencies. It becomes possible as you can overcome complex processes by automating them.

 Businesses can save 10,000+ hours by using ServiceNow to assist employees.

 Businesses can save 10,000+ hours by using ServiceNow to assist employees.

ServiceNow And IT

Information technology has led to many innovations like automation of processes. With the help of ServiceNow, you can automate IT workflows. With the initial success in the IT domain, automation also spread to other functions like human resources. HR professionals today have specific workflow packages.

Onboarding is one of the processes that benefit immensely from automation features. When a new employee joins the organization, HR will have to ensure all the work-related accounts, like email and others, get created upfront. In some cases, there will also be a need for new devices and accessories like a laptop or mouse. When these tasks get done without automation, the HR personnel will have to place these requests manually or ask other teams to do so. All of this can take time.

Delays and errors are highly likely with manual processes. With automated employee workflows, HR personnel can finish these tasks in minutes. With ServiceNow, you can bid goodbye to tedious tasks of filling physical forms and circulating them to the concerned teams. It also becomes possible for new employees to get involved with the onboarding process. They can log in to the ServiceNow platform and get themselves adjusted to the functioning of the company. 

Employees can view the welcome kit, fill in necessary forms, and take part in the training activities. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to the benefits of ServiceNow. Besides helping your internal teams automate their tasks, you will also end up providing a positive experience to your new staff.

When employees are aware of where they need to look for information, they save everyone’s time. When you have a defined employee workflow, the employee will visit the relevant person who solves their query. You can assign the tasks to specific people who can help employees who face issues.

Employee onboarding and exit process improves by 25% with the help of ServiceNow

Who We Are And What HR Workflow Expertise Do We Have?

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