About the Customer

The customer is a solution architect catering to the needs of the IT industry in South Africa.

architect catering to the needs of the IT industry in South Africa
 project to automate the Allowance System management

Business Challenges

The customer approached Flatworld to work on a project to automate the Allowance System management of a major automobile company because there were discrepancies in the manual calculation and too much effort was required to compute the allowances. The customer wanted the system to:

  • Enable allowance authorization: This process would ensure that the initiation of allowance of an employee was properly authorized.
  • Enable payment authorization: This process was to ensure that the payment to be made to the automobile company was properly calculated and authorized.


  • The development team at Flatworld had to spend time and effort to get a thorough understanding of how the customer’s system worked, and what needed to be changed to allow for these inclusions.
  • A dedicated team of experienced developers was tasked to ensure that the system would be properly automated to enable the functionalities that the customer desired.
  • Our developers created an algorithm to ensure accurate computation of the allowance and the payment to be made, and created the code to automate and speed up the entire process.
  • Our team went the extra mile to make sure that the project was delivered within the stipulated time frame.


The customer received a high quality software product that helped save on manual effort as well as eliminate errors in calculation. With this tedious and routine task automated, the company could free the employees from the task and divert them to more critical business tasks.

Result - high quality software product

Technology Stack

  • Technology Stack - Entity Framework 6.x

    DatabaseEntity Framework 6.x

  • Technology Stack - Dot NET Framework 4.7

    FrameworkDot NET Framework 4.7, Bootstrap

  • Technology Stack - SP.Net

    CodeASP.Net, C#, Angular JS

  • Technology Stack - RESTful Services

    Web ServiceRESTful Services

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