Case Study - Self Storage Web Application Development

About the customer

The client is a self-storage unit provider in the United States, who uses superior technology to provide an exceptional self-storage experience.

Case Study - Self Storage Web Application Development

Business Challenges


The self-storage industry uses padlocks to ‘overlock’ a customer’s unit when the customer is late in payment of their rent. The overlock denies the customer access to their possessions until they pay their dues.

The existing process for removing these padlocks was inefficient. Specifically, it required personnel from the property to physically go to the storage unit to remove the overlock.

If the customer Wanted the lock removed after business hours,then either the customer is out of luckor the facility should incur added man-hours to dispatch personnel back to the facility to remove the lock.

 customer Wanted the lock removed after business hours
Flatworld built a PaaS web application


Flatworld built a PaaS web application for self-storage operators to deliver a Padlock combination to a customer so they may independently remove overlocks which are Combination Padlocks.


The web application has the following features:

  • Multi-tenant architecture
  • Facility management
  • Overlock management and unlock combination code management
  • Bill plans management
  • Audit logging
  • Call-center agent interface
  • Invoice management (Integration with FreshBooks)

Technology Stack



SQLite, My SQL


ASP .net MVC, jQuery


Facebook SDK


Third party integration


An efficient overlock management system helped the customer in reducing manual work and additional cost.
The customer received a new stream of revenue by selling this platform to their peers in the self-storage industry.


Sign Up
and Order Locks


Receive locks and
use them to overlock


Accept the payment,
disclose the combination code


Customer Returns
the Overlock



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