about the customer

About the Customer

The customer is a leading provider of fire protection and technology systems based in Phoenix, Arizona, with a wide product range including fire alarms and security equipment.

our business Challenges

The Business Challenges

  • The customer wanted a reliable partner for outsourcing their helpdesk related to IT operations.
  • The response time had to be immediate because of the nature of their services; they needed round the clock availability.
  • The website had issues that needed resolution. Our team from Flatworld EDGE resolved them promptly.
  • Parts of the infrastructure were from different vendors leading to confusion, so they wanted a single vendor to handle it all.
  • They wanted a vendor who could provide a cost-effective solution as the current one was very expensive.
  • With files spread all over the place, employees were unable to access info properly, and it was also a security threat.
our software solutions


  • Our team at Flatworld studied their infrastructure design thoroughly and identified problem areas.
  • They centralized the customer’s file systems, ensuring availability of files to employees in a secure manner when they required information.
  • Access to QuickBooks was also centralized.
  • Our software team led by Baiju fixed the website issues that were causing delays and other problems.
  • Our team provided IT helpdesk services, resolving their issues in real time.


After outsourcing the task to Flatworld, the customer experienced smooth operations in their day-to-day business, and were able to enhance their efficiency and productivity.

results after development

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