About the customer

The customer is a father-son entrepreneurial duo based in the US. They are technically accomplished and with their diverse skills, are looking to create ripples in the social music scene.

customer is a father-son entrepreneurial duo based

Business challenges

  • The customer wanted an app that would enable users to create music playlists and their friends nearby could collaborate on.
  • The idea was that everyone could add to the playlists to create a virtual DJ, and enjoy nonstop music at parties.
  • The app needed to have the functionality of transferring audio files between Android and iOS devices via W-Fi hotspot.
  • The app needed to be able to load songs from iTunes, AppleMusic, Spotify and so on to create collaborative playlists, and play the songs.
  • The users should be able to join the nearest playlist based on location
  • It necessitated implementing ISRC (International Standard Recording Code).
  • SignalR implementation was required so that all devices connected to the Baux could get real-time updates whenever any modifications were made to the playlist.


Our team at Flatworld EDGE had to do some heavy duty brainstorming to develop this complicated mobile app. But their hard work and diligence paid off, and crafted an app where a user could create a collaborative playlist and notify their friends within a 50 m radius to join the playlist. Users can also open the app and use the geolocation feature to search for active playlists nearby.

Friends can add their favorite songs to the playlist and have music playing for long to have a blast at parties. Our team also enabled offline and online functioning of the app. While online, users can transfer songs through Wi-Fi hotspot which has to be set up by the host device (the one who created the playlist).

In the online mode, users can simply add songs from Spotify and Apple Music etc. to be played on the host device. Users are also given the option to upvote and downvote songs; based on the voting, the songs change order in the queue.


Now with this app, users don’t have to shell out money to hire DJs for their parties. They can be the DJ themselves with very less effort. The intuitive, easy to use app empowers users to have a great time at a party. The client is delighted with the app our team created.

Technology Stack

  • Java

    Android - iOSJava, Swift

  • C# and .NET

    WebC# and .NET

  • SQL

    DatabaseMy SQL

  • Facebook, Google SDK

    Social NetworkFacebook, Google SDK


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