About the client

Our customer is a young entrepreneur from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Business Challenges

The customer wanted to create an innovative way of keeping track of blood pressure readings using a mobile application.
Our mobile development team had to deliver the final product within a short turnaround time, that of 10 days.
Out of many BP monitoring devices, the customer wanted a budget-friendly monitoring device for integrating with the mobile application.


Our team researched on various BP monitoring devices available, and suggested Omron BP monitor as the best suitable device based on the SDK availability.
For getting the BP readings, Flatworld EDGE team created the mobile application that integrates with Omron BP monitoring device. The application users can retrieve historical BP readings in a single click.
Our mobile developers created an easy-to-use user interface and optimized the application for efficient battery usage.


The customer showcased the prototype within the timeframe to doctors and venture capitalists.




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