Do you know that when you get a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, you get a suite of 20+ applications you can use right away? This is not all, as there are several other applications available in the Microsoft store for purchase. But how often do we really go beyond the traditional apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook? 

There is a lot you are missing out on if you haven’t explored all the Microsoft Office 365 applications yet. We are here to help you with insights on some applications you might find useful. In this guide, we take you through a list of essential Microsoft apps and when you should be using them.

  • OneNote

It acts as a physical notebook and works as a free-form note-taking application. It is organized and offers excellent scope for creativity as compared to Word. You can add images, texts, videos and also get a live preview of the content. When you copy anything from the internet, the source also gets listed automatically.

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  • Access

It is an application that allows you to build databases. You create and manage forms, user interfaces, etc. It also acts as a relational database and information management tool you can use for analysis and reporting. When you have a large set of data, Excel and other applications might have their limitations. Access helps you overcome this problem.

  • Publisher

It is a tool for all your publishing-specific needs. It will give you much more options than Word and is almost at the level of comprehensive tools like Adobe Illustrator. You can use it to design a range of communication materials like newsletters, posters, pamphlets, and much more. 

One of the pitfalls of Publisher is that it has its own proprietary file type. So, unless one has a separate license, they cannot open the file on their system. You can always share a .pdf version of the files you create.

  • Sway

It is a story-telling and publishing tool for the online world. You can use it to create web pages, newsletters, multimedia reports, and much more. It is easy to use Sway as there are several templates that you can choose from. Whether students or working professionals, both can find it suitable for their needs. 

  • Bookings

The tool allows external access to individual calendars. It is an excellent application to allow anyone to book an appointment with you, based on your availability. It is especially useful for people from sales and marketing who often collaborate with several stakeholders at once. You can make the Outlook calendar available for everyone by getting a shareable link.

  • Visio

It is a diagramming application ideal for designing floor plans, electrical diagrams, and workflow designs. The diagrams you create here are also suitable for Power Automate flows. The lite version of Visio can run on all devices and also get embedded in web pages. The desktop application is available on the Windows platform only.

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  • Project

It is a project and portfolio management application. Project managers use it for resource planning and managing projects. The application allows you to synchronize tasks with Planner. It will showcase the individual tasks in To-Do lists.  It is useful if you deal with complex projects that often require Gantt charts. It is available as a web app and also a desktop app for Windows.

  • Planner

It is a project management application that you can use for all your daily tasks. Users get to see the status of their specific tasks on the dashboard. If you have a Microsoft and Office 365 license, you will get the planner as an inbuilt application. It is helpful for lean organizations that do not have the budget for Microsoft Project or other related tools.

  • SharePoint

It acts like Microsoft’s intranet and is ideal for file management for teams. Teams can communicate and share information with each other. It also acts as a file-sharing system for teams that use Office 365. Users get various options for permissions, organizing folders, sharing features, and security options.

  • Lists

It is one of the most advanced versions of SharePoint lists. There have been several upgrades and rebranding of the original app. You can use Lists to track and organize information, get a project overview, onboarding purposes, event planning, and much more.

  • Yammer

It is an internal communication and online community platform. It is more of a Facebook where you can create groups, share updates, participate in Q&As, and stay in touch with people. More than about work, it is for building a community and sharing information. Employees across regions can stay connected with each other and share valuable information.

  • MyAnalytics

It is a tool to track productivity and time. You can learn how much time you spend on some tasks. It will help you plan your work more productively by identifying problem areas that you can work on. You can also get information about people with whom you collaborate the most. Furthermore, you also get insights on how you are focusing on work and guidance regarding your wellbeing.

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