Microsoft’s Azure is an industry-leading cloud computing platform that allows businesses to build and scale their IT infrastructure on the fly as required. Many companies, big and small alike, use Azure to host their websites, applications, software, etc., as it offers 99.95% uptime and uses enterprise-grade security on all their services. 

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Azure uses a pay-as-you-go model, which is beneficial for smaller tech companies that are looking for cloud computing partners that can scale with the company as it grows. There are various reasons to migrate your IT infrastructure to Azure, some of which include: 

  • Improve global performance by providing access to data centers across the world
  • Avail a host of applications to use
  • Use a pay-as-you-go model, so you pay for only what you use
  • Get a robust, secure, and flexible platform to build on
  • Seamlessly integrate with your current IT infrastructure 

There are many more benefits of migrating to Azure. In this guide, let’s look at the best cloud migration tools you can use to migrate from your current cloud computing service provider to Azure. 

Top Cloud Data Migration Tools for Azure Migration

A cloud migration tool helps enterprises migrate from legacy service providers to modern cloud computing solution providers like Azure. Here are our picks for the best azure cloud migration tools. 

1. Azure Migration Tools

The best tools to migrate from your IT infrastructure provider to Azure are provided by Microsoft themselves as part of the Azure Migration Toolkit. This set of tools allows you to assess, scale, and migrate virtual machines to Azure that you may be running on-premises. 

The tool offers end-to-end visibility to ensure stakeholders are always aware of the progress. This unified approach to cloud migration has provisions for migration considering multiple unique and complex scenarios that offer diverse capabilities.  

The best part of choosing Azure’s own data migration tools is the cost which helps you right-size your cloud resources as per your company’s requirements. 

You can learn more about the tool here

Key Features Offered by Azure Migration Tool

  • End-To-End Migration Support
  • Seamless Compatibility with Microsoft Services
  • Pre-Migration Assessment
  • Powerful AI-Driven Insights for Performance Improvement

2. Platespin Migrate by Micro Focus

Platespin migrate is a data center transformation tool by Micro Focus. This tool lets businesses migrate from legacy hardware to modern solutions seamlessly by providing integrated testing tools that ensure there’s no downtime. 

The tool can help you migrate between cloud stacks such as Azure, AWS, Google cloud platforms, and many others. They support brands like ATOS, HCL, CSH Survey, and many others. 

This software thoroughly tests all aspects and scenarios for every server migration task to ensure there’s no downtime. Using this tool, a system administrator can also automate tasks like evaluation, testing, and migration. Businesses can also migrate active servers using the live transfer feature without shutting them down

3. ScienceLogic

ScienceLogic is an automated cloud migration platform that helps IT Operations teams use data-driven automation to deliver superior business results. In simpler words, this platform helps your business analyze large data sets and make well-informed decisions. 

You’ll be able to monitor the performance of your applications, services, and other resources no matter where they’re located, integrate your storage environment with your infrastructure components, and monitor your applications’ health to identify any issues and risks.

This tool is ideal for a large-scale enterprise migration from providers like Amazon AWS and Google cloud platform to MS Azure.

4. Carbonite Migrate

Carbonite migrate enables your team to move between cloud computing platforms with ease while reducing the risk of large-scale migration. The tools use repeatable processes structured in ways that ensure your risk is mitigated in the best way possible. 

Migrating between platforms can be a challenge as it can result in downtime and even data loss in some instances. Carbonite migrate offers various cloud backup solutions for home use, professional use, and enterprises that empower your team to reduce costs without hesitation. 

Carbonite migrate is the best choice for businesses that can’t afford even an hour of downtime. The tool also supports the broadest range of cloud computing platforms. 

5. Turbonomic

Turbonomic is a tool by IBM that helps your IT teams monitor, improve and optimize application workload on servers. It uses AI to balance the load on your hybrid cloud infrastructure and ensure smooth performance. 

This tool also offers cloud migration functionality which supports the end-to-end migration process while providing deep insights with the help of artificial intelligence. The best feature of this tool is that it gives your team visibility into all workflows with the use of interactive visual dashboards while allowing them to define policies tailored to their needs.

Turbonomic is the perfect solution for companies that need comprehensive and actionable insights to accelerate application performance through cloud migration.

We’re Here to Support You Through Your Cloud Data Migration Process

While these tools will undoubtedly help you move your legacy IT infrastructure to new cloud platforms you to have the right partner to get it done without iterations so that you can realize all the benefits of migration without any downtime. If this seems like a complicated move, our team would be delighted to help you through each and every step of this move. We have experience in using all these tools to meet different client requirements. Our clients have banked on our migration services to meet computing, database, analytics, mobility, networking and storage requirements.

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