Today, only 25% of all businesses use an integrated project management tool for their business that allows them to track their KPIs in real-time. So what can the other businesses do? 

IT business management

ITBM or IT business management is a strategic set of tools and processes that enhance your business’s productivity. It uses various workflows, tools, and technologies to enable your business to develop, deliver, and manage business services with a focus on IT and technology in general. A product like the ServiceNow ITBM is the perfect solution for businesses looking to enhance the business value of their initiatives. Let’s discover how it can help us reduce our costs while improving our revenues.

What Is ServiceNow ITBM?

According to Forrester’s report, businesses that implemented ServiceNow ITBM Modules into their existing workflows saw an average improvement of up to 397% on their ROI. 

The ServiceNow ITBM suite of products includes solutions like –

1. Project Portfolio Management And Strategic Portfolio Management Tools And Workflows

These sets of project management tools ensure all the involved departments are well-aligned towards the larger objective. In addition, they help the team stay on track and deliver projects on time and within the set budgets.

2. Resource And Demand Management Solutions 

Managing the resources and demand on large-scale IT projects can get complicated quickly. 

ITBM tools like ServiceNow allows your organization to utilize your resources in the most optimum way with the help of pre-set workflows, AI-driven insights, and activity tracking to ensure your business is delivering what your customers, team, and stakeholders demand and deserve from your organization.

3. Risk, Operations and Finance Management Tools And Technology

Planning in the ever-changing IT industry can be challenging even for industry veterans without the help of visualized data and insights. This suite of tools helps planners leverage key insights to plan and optimize their risk, finances, and day-to-day operations.

4. Change Management Workflows

Managing change in any process requires agility at the top, middle, and bottom of any management chain. Applications in ServiceNow ITBM help you utilize customized workflows to ensure all stakeholders adopt and implement all changes with ease.

5. Application Portfolio Management 

Managing your application portfolio is a proven method of reducing costs and increasing the bottom line. This module, coupled with our implementation services, helps you determine the best applications and channels that will help you improve your ROI.

With ITBM, organizations can better comprehend their relationship to technology and its relation to their business goals, strategies, and needs. 

How ServiceNow ITBM Enhances Business Value for Your Organization

ITBM in servicenow offers a range of value to your business. These include:

1. Reduces Expenses on IT Infrastructure and Management With The Help Of Analytics

ITBM ServiceNow management helps you determine irrelevant apps and over-budgeted projects with the help of cost modeling to reduce wastage and optimize your project staff. 

These analytics-driven optimizations allow leaders to improve the services and maximize customer satisfaction while eliminating inefficiencies throughout the project lifecycle.

2. Bring Visibility, Transparency, And Control to The Development Lifecycle Of Projects

Project efficiency leads to lower costs and improved profits. However, the most significant barrier to efficiency is the lack of visibility, transparency, and control. ServiceNow ITBM solves this problem by providing modules like task and infrastructure tracking, project organization and management, and analysis modules for risk, finances, and operations.

3. Aligns Your IT Infrastructure To Your Business Goals To Enable Agile Development

An ITBM solution like ServiceNow allows your team to accelerate the development of your product and deploy it to market in record times. This is achieved by providing visibility into the IT infrastructure for the project for business leaders to make quicker decisions by identifying bottlenecks, prioritizing key result areas, and arranging solutions to fulfill all IT-related requirements. 

4. Reduce Time To Market With The Help Of Full Cycle Project Portfolio Management

A full cycle project management strategy must include a project plan and execution strategies that ensure success for the project. Additionally, ServiceNow ITMB enables project managers to minimize risk with the help of priority-based staffing and budgeting while providing access to holistic tools for testing and development. 

This set of unique capabilities ensures projects are within budget, completed on time, and use earmarked resources. 

Why Should You Choose ServiceNow ITBM?

  • Enables Your Business To Manage Outcomes In A Way That Create Phenomenal Value
  • Motivates Your Organization To Embrace Uncertainty With The Help Of Adaptable Planning 
  • Assists You Scale Your Tasks, Teams, And Solutions To Deliver Projects Faster
  • Uses Easy To Implement Business Management Approaches
  • Establishes A Culture That Is Supportive Of Business Management 

How We Help You Implement ServiceNow ITBM For Your Business?

We believe that understanding the problem solves half the problem. Our team of experienced ITBM technology experts and ServiceNow consultants help you understand the exact problem that needs to be solved. We study the needs of your team to gain complete clarity on how our services will help you align your IT with your business goals. 

Implementing a change can be daunting for smaller organizations. That’s why we help you develop customized solutions built for your organization’s specific needs. Taking this approach makes the transition easier. Our team utilizes our knowledge of industry best practices to ensure all your data is moved over and integrated into your newly implemented ServiceNow ITBM solution to ensure you have a smooth onboarding process.

In the final steps of implementing the end-to-end ITBM solutions, we ensure our team provides all the guidance and training necessary for your staff and stakeholders to ensure alignment. With our industry-leading support, you can expect a seamless transition.

We are more than happy to assist your business become more agile and scalable. Please feel free to get in touch with our team to understand how our ITBM services powered by ServiceNow can positively impact your business. 

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