Modern tech like ServiceNow Solutions has helped companies raise the bar in customer service and meet evolving customer expectations. It also helps them stay ahead in the competitive landscape of today. Suppose you are an organisation looking to avail the benefits of using the ServiceNow platform. In that case, this blog will help you understand if it is the right fit for your organisation. You will also know if the solution is worth its money.

How ServiceNow Solutions Helps Companies to Transform their Customer Service

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that helps companies automate workflows to achieve maximum productivity, cost savings and scalability. Here are the benefits of ServiceNow concerning customer service.

1. Improves Customer Service Workflow

ServiceNow solutions improve first-call resolution rates by leveraging automated routing to ensure that the call gets connected to the right agent. Additionally, it helps agents provide relevant information when solving a customer problem. This brings about a faster resolution of the issue.

2. This leads to Better Efficiency

Implementation of ServiceNow solutions increases efficiency in organisations, as it eliminates the need for paperwork and manual labour. Further, it’s features, like agent workspace, provide automated suggestions, notifications of significant incidents, live updates, etc. These help the employees of the company solve issues faster and more efficiently.

3. Optimises Workflow Process

ServiceNow solutions enable the integration of varied roles and services in the organisation. It works to better the workflow process with the help of features like business process maps and comparisons, linked process analysis, performance analysis integration, etc.

4. Promotes Work Integration

Integrating different organisational roles and services improves the overall efficiency of the organisation. ServiceNow solutions enable you to achieve that seamlessly. It facilitates synchronised integration between departments such as HR, Customer Service, Finance, Security, etc. With the help of the ServiceNow integration feature, your organisation can reduce its expenditure on data transfer, training programs, etc.

5. Eases Field Service Management

Organisations with expansive field service operations, such as installing phone lines or cables, need help to finish the work on the first attempt. This often leads to dissatisfied customers.

ServiceNow Field Service Management optimises the efficiency and uptime of the field workers by serving as a platform that facilitates better coordination. It streamlines operational efficiency through automatic scheduling, real-time status updates, centralised access to critical documents, etc.

6. It brings More Proactivity in Customer Service.

One of the reasons why ServiceNow solutions are popular among top businesses is that they are excellent at detecting issues almost instantly. It uses highly advanced analytics and ML (machine learning) tools to identify and resolve problems early on. This further has benefits such as:

  • Lower volume of inbound calls
  • Better customer experience
  • Improved customer service agent efficiency
  • Lower Mean Time to Resolution

7. Fosters Self-Service in All Departments

ServiceNow Solutions helps promote self-service through features such as virtual agents, service catalogues, knowledge management, etc. For agents, it means fewer customer queries, and for customers, it means easy access to knowledge.

8. Eliminates Manual Errors

Processes that are run by manual resources are highly error-prone. This is because erring is a very natural human trait. But with ServiceNow solutions, an automated work environment is free from the risk of human errors. This leads to faster and more accurate resolution of issues by customer service executives.

How We Assist You in Making the Most of Your Investment in ServiceNow Solutions

We have helped companies across industry verticals implement ServiceNow solutions successfully. We customised the ServiceNow platform for our clients by leveraging well-defined processes and industry knowledge. This has helped them meet soaring customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition.

Our team is among the best in the industry. They are certified experts of ServiceNow and specialise in customer service management. This means they are ready to take on any challenge your organisation may face in implementing and using the ServiceNow platform.

As your trusted ServiceNow partner, we always succeed in delivering timely solutions, even if there is much customisation involved. Our turnaround time is among the shortest in the industry. Our ISO certification stands as testimony to our superior quality services. Additionally, our tech is top-grade and UpToDate.

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