Companies are waking up to the fact that their cloud resources are inadequate to meet the demands of a dynamic market. This is why they are migrating to a more robust cloud computing platform such as the Microsoft Azure Cloud. It is a major cloud computing service that fills the gap in the current cloud resources leveraged by companies.

It enables IT experts to develop and manage applications stored both on-premises and on cloud. Azure enables the experts to use the tools and framework of their choice

Microsoft Azure Cloud provides the following services:

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Platform as Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

However, companies must plan and execute a well-round cloud migration strategy. The strategy must key in the industry standard best practices to ensure an optimal utilization of Azure cloud support.

Companies prefer Azure migration services to plan and migrate workloads on cloud. They also use Azure cloud support to run and make the most of their cloud and hybrid environments.

In this blog, we will highlight the advantages of Azure migration services and the migration best practices.

Key Advantages of Azure Migration Services

High-End Security

Microsoft invests heavily on cyber-security. It spends money to the tune of USD1 Billion every year. It has a staff of 3600 experts dedicated to maintaining data privacy and security.

 This ensures that the Azure data centers are very secure. The data stays protected even against the threat of natural disasters. It has several data centers. It keeps a minimum of 3 copies of data stored securely in separate nodes.

Among all its competitors, Azure has the highest number compliance certifications to its name.

Easy Implementation

The Azure cloud migration process is simple and efficient. It takes a few minutes for your system administrator to assign new virtual machines. Normally it would take several weeks and months to plan and execute this implementation.

Cost Cutting

Azure cloud services enable companies to decrease their infrastructure costs. They do not have to invest more money in acquiring physical premises in response to growing demand. This eliminates the need to hire staffs to maintain and reconfigure serve


Azure gives your company the power to respond swiftly to volatile market conditions. It allows you to scale your cloud server as per your storage and computing needs. Companies only pay for the storage they have used.

Easy Accessibility

Azure cloud services enable you to access the data saved in cloud anywhere and anytime. All you need is an internet connection.

Top Best practices in the Azure Cloud Migration Process

Microsoft Azure cloud migration brings several changes in the existing operational ecosystem of a company. All employees and processes have to adapt to these changes. This why companies need to have their own plan before initiating the process.

Test To See If There Are Network or Routing Conflicts

You may have to create network, DNS, or other conflicts during the process of integrating datacentres into a single cloud provider. It is crucial that you test all such conflicts while you are migrating. This will ensure that there no interruptions to the production system.

While migrating multiple datacentres it is important to make changes to the routing table.

Evaluate Network Capacity

Companies must have datacenters that have the required capacity, speed, or stability to support migration to Azure cloud. Data centers that lack these aspects make the transition process more difficult. Companies need to keep these inadequacies in mind while mapping out their migration strategy.

Take Into Account the Various Dependencies

In an organisation there are many apps that are connected to other resources. They are known as dependencies. The company must account for them when strategizing the migration plan. This will prevent any chances of service disturbances.

Be Prepared for Downtime

Downtime is unavoidable while migrating to Azure Cloud. Companies should predict and schedule this downtime in every step of the migration process. This will allow to minimize the impact of downtime of different processes and operations.

Collaboration Between the IT compliance team and Cloud Migration Team

Companies may continue to want to adhere to their internal governance structure during the process of migration. This calls for a collaboration between the respective teams to work together and ensure a successful migration.

How Do We Ensure a Successful Azure Cloud Migration Process?

Flatworld Edge is a Microsoft Certified Partner. We create transparent and custom-made Azure Cloud Migration processes for our clients.

Our team of experts makes a thorough assessment of the current assets in your environment to prepare a report. The report helps us to recommend to you the various software and hardware changes that your organisation needs for a successful transit.

We migrate the existing on-premises application, infrastructure, and data to Azure cloud only when our team are absolutely sure that there no tool or technology missing. This ensures that the migration is smooth and glitch free.

Our Microsoft Azure certified specialists are always monitoring your applications in order to find ways to optimize their performance. They use their expertise to custom-design the Azure platform to suit the needs of your enterprise.

We also offer cloud recovery services to all our clients and make sure that if a natural disaster occurs the back-up works remains intact.

Who Are We and Why Are We Considered as An Industry Authority?

Flatworld Edge is a major cloud migration service provider. We have 10+ years in offering top-of-the line cloud migration solutions to our clients. These solutions are both time and cost saving. Our scopes of services include Infrastructure migration, real-time migration planning, application resource management, and many more.

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