Workflow automation has replaced manual processes and paperwork in most industries. ServiceNow is a cloud-based software platform that simplifies work using the power of automation. It digitizes workflows to define, structure, and manage various functions of an enterprise. Companies owe their quality customer service delivery to the ServiceNow platform.

This technology helps companies to increase their efficiency and acceleration across departments. 

The example of Lloyds Banking Group is there for everyone to see.  The group’s payment operation process had sixteen steps and six different systems. ServiceNow condensed it into a two-step and single system process.

This increased their customer satisfaction to a great deal. The banks addressed their problems seventy percent faster. The agents were no longer required to spend their time doing basic tasks. The rate of errors taking place dropped down hugely.

 Top ServiceNow Features That Drive Operational Efficiency

·      IT Service Management:

This feature of ServiceNow unifies all the different processes of creating, delivering, and managing IT services under one cloud-based platform.

It allows a frictionless way for employees to raise IT service requests and for IT teams to track and resolve the same.

The ServiceNow ITSM feature improves employees’ working experience by automating 24×7 support services. It makes use of virtual assistants to provide 24×7 resolution in simple human language.

This feature is integrated with performance analytics. It is configured with more than 250 IT service KPIs and dashboards. This analytics solution generates real-time insights into IT services. These insights are critical for enterprises to drill down to the performance of the most minute IT feature. It empowers enterprises to take a proactive rather than a reactive approach towards IT service management.

·       Security Operations

This ServiceNow feature allows companies to pre-empt and avoid issues. It automates workflows and enables IT teams to work together in a smoothly.

It uses SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response) to provide a solid security system to enterprises. This feature is highly functional in pro-actively managing your vulnerability to threats in real-time. It detects security lapses and takes correctional measures to address them immediately.

Security operations help companies with their response strategies by bettering their process. It helps in making the team more efficient by automating assignments and co-ordinating incidents prioritization.

The operation dashboard helps you evaluate your SOC (Security Operation Center). It lets you know where your team and their response workflows need improvement.

·      IT Operations Management

ServiceNow ITOM harnesses the power of machine learning and high-level analytics to monitor the health of your devices. It diagnoses issues and conducts automated remedial steps to enhance your productivity and service quality.

ServiceNow helps you to automate your IT operations. It facilitates an end-to-end visibility on your IT operations. This means that you get your operational footprint on-premises as well as on cloud. It eliminates the need for having to hire people to enter data pertaining to different departments manually.

It helps companies to configure their service dashboard. This will help their management get clearer view of the different assets the company has.

·      Resource Management

This feature helps companies allocate their resources in the efficient manner. It allows companies to re-organise their resource plans.

Managers can view the resources available to them across the organisation. They can then assign these resources to appropriate schedules and infrastructures.

It makes use of an automated workflow which send notifications and approval requests

to the employee concerned. This eliminates the need for a to and fro communication with employees through means such as email, chats, etc.

·       Human Resource Management

ServiceNow Human Resource Management helps companies automate their HR processes to maximize employee productivity. It integrates different HR functions such as inter-department transfers, employee performance review, and calculating HR benefits in one single platform.

With ServiceNow, employees can communicate across departments seamlessly. It also serves as platform where they can curate their experiences.

The platform promotes employee engagement and support. It enables them to the view the milestones they have achieved in the company. These milestones can be in terms of career, personal, or professional growth. They can also view the changes to the work policies. The Covid19 pandemic has brought forward the benefits of working from home. There is no escaping the fact that it is here to stay. ServiceNow helps create a digital workspace. Its goal is to improvise employee experience both within and outside workhours.  

Let Us Now Dive into The Different Benefits of ServiceNow

·       Customized Solutions

 ServiceNow customizes their service to fit the client’s requirement. It is a favourite among the Fortune 500 Companies

You can introduce custom features like third party apps or widgets to ServiceNow. It enables you add more fields in forms. You can make changes to its UI policy to increase its functionality.

The ServiceNow platform allows you to make changes to the baseline codes of its features to suit to your operational ecosystem.

·       Reduction In Costs

ServiceNow helps companies minimize their production costs. It detects the different bottlenecks and helps companies adopt measures to save money.

It cuts down costs by avoiding losses happening due to downtime and service outages.  A decrease errors due to automation, and an optimized service desk and IT back office also cause the costs to come down drastically.

Further, ServiceNow enables the use of cloud-based solutions which reduce the cost of maintaining a data center. 

· Manage Risks and Improve Mandatory Compliances

ServiceNow GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) supports companies to adhere to all governmental guidelines, rules and regulations and policies by creating a single system. It makes use of tools like AI and automation to ensure that the companies are on-track in following their compliance and security requirements.

·       Increase in Employee Productivity

ServiceNow unifies every single need of the employees in one HR platform. This reduces wastage of time.

It provides everyone a user-friendly portal which people can use to perform basic tasks. The employees gain easy access to the company’s services. They also use it to obtain necessary information.

Colour coded dashboards highlights the stats of a ticket. This is helpful in ensuring that  resolutions are faster and smoother.

·       Seamless Customer Service

With ServiceNow Customer Service Management you can customize and digitize all your workflows. You can change the workflows related to the customer requests received by that front-end and back-end departments.

ServiceNow can be used to automate the day-to-day tasks. This allows more time for your customer-service executives to focus on critical issues.

It enables you to determine the KPIs that are essential to monitor your customer satisfaction.

This customer service management software gives you visibility across departments which is necessary to provide quality customer service. It enables your agents to address your customer issues in real-time.

How We Assist You in Making the Best Use of the ServiceNow Platform

We provide you an end-to-end ServiceNow implementation assistance. Our team begins the process by exporting data from the data sources chosen by you. They verify the data thoroughly and then proceed to reconcile and migrate it to the ServiceNow platform.

Our services are driven by the gold-standard best practices to help our clients make an optimal utilization of the= ServiceNow platform. Our experts customize functions of the ServiceNow platform in accordance with your individual needs.  These changes include alterations to forms, UI, and workflow to ensure that you get the maximum ROI from you ServiceNow platform.

We ensure that the integration of your present assets and services to ServiceNow platform is smooth. We take special care to reduce the number of interruptions in your daily operations due to the integration.

Our maintenance and support services enable you enjoy uninterrupted service from ServiceNow. We ensure quick resolution to all your production issues.

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