The ongoing pandemic has made consumers more accustomed to online purchases . Businesses with a web presence have received a big boost. Therefore, as a businessperson, you can make no compromise on building your brand’s presence on the website.

As a matter of fact, most of consumers prefer to research about a brand before making the final purchase. So, you must adopt a robust online strategy to bring out your brand narrative in the most eloquent and convenient way. 

Cloud technology such as Azure cloud computing serves as the perfect platform to build, boost, and scale your brand’s presence on the website.

The advantages of using cloud computing to maintain your brand’s web presence are many. They require less time to manage and configure than on-premises services, help to improve system performance, are not expensive to maintain, and scale linearly with demand.

On this note, in this article we will learn how you can enhance your brand’s web presence by utilizing Microsoft’s cloud services.

A Brief Look at How Cloud Computing Benefits Your Brand’s Web Presence

1.A Greater Degree of Flexibility 

Microsoft Azure gives your brand a greater degree of flexibility. You can serve customers overseas as you pass the responsibility of your website maintenance to the cloud computing provider. You can provide always-on services to your customers if you are in the SaaS industry. Likewise, you can deliver seamless web experiences if you are in the eCommerce industry. 

Microsoft cloud solutions allow you the liberty to introduce changes in your brand website on the go. This is done to cater to international audience or an audience with diverse needs. This ability to adapt quickly builds trust and credibility in your brand and enhances your overall web presence. 

2. Faster Deployment of New Features

Building in the cloud allows your teams to deploy features quickly throughout the globe. This enables your business to deliver new features to your customers quickly. It also allows you to scale exponentially with the help of on-demand IT infrastructure. 

3. Data Protection and Compliance 

User Data protection should be of paramount importance to you. This is because even industrial bigwigs are not spared from data theft incidents. Microsoft cloud services are compliant with all major regulations in the world and ensure that your data and your user’s data stay protected from any malicious parties. 

4. The Use of AI To Empower Apps 

Microsoft cloud solutions integrate natively with the Azure AI platform. This enables developers and businesses to build technologically advanced experiences that incorporate AI to enhance the performance of the application. 

With Azure AI, you can build on your terms, deploy mission-critical AI solutions quickly, and apply AI responsibly. 

Azure cloud computing provides you the best development platform to experiment with capabilities like machine learning, knowledge mining, document process automation, translation, transcription, etc. to make your brand website more cutting-edge and engaging. 

5. SEO Strategy Making Made Easy 

No matter how modern or how well-maintained your brand website is, it ultimately boils down to your website’s search engine results page (SERP) status.

A solid SEO strategy that involves relevant keywords, link building, CTAs, among others is necessary to help your website in the first Google search page.

In this respect, cloud technologies ease storing and accessing your web content data. Keyword search tools are enabled with cloud storage that help you track your keywords.

Reduce Your IT Costs and Make the Switch To Cloud With Confidence 

It can be a daunting task for business who operate on traditional terms to move to the cloud. However, moving to the cloud significantly reduces the costs of maintaining and managing your IT infrastructure. Instead of spending on the expensive IT hardware upfront, cloud computing allows you to spread that cost over a period of time while giving your business the competitive edge it needs to thrive in this era. 

How We Assist in Making Your Move to the Cloud Seamless? 

We start the engagement by understanding your core values and requirements. Once those are clearly laid out, our team goes on to develop and present the best cloud computing strategies to reduce costs and improve your revenues. 

These strategies are then turned into measurable KPIs while we begin migration to the cloud for your organization. Once the transfer is complete, the team performs various kinds of tests to stress the system and see how it performs under pressure. Once the processes are stable and ready to go live, our team helps and trains the staff to use the tools effectively. 

Who We Are and Why Are We Considered as Industry Experts?

This article is authored by experts at Flatworld Edge, a pioneering cloud solutions provider. We are a certified Microsoft partner for Azure cloud computing solutions. Our range of solutions include application migration, infrastructure migration, DevOps implementation and consultation, and many more.

Looking to learn more about how Microsoft Cloud Solutions can accelerate your brand’s web presence? Please speak to our team of experts to realize the advantages of cloud services that you may have been missing out on. 

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