The first factor considered by a mobile app development company for developing an app is the platform on which the mobile app will run. Android, iOS, and Windows are the three most prominent mobile platforms.

All the three platforms account for quite a large user base. Therefore, if an enterprise chooses one platform over another, they lose out on a large section of audience.

On the other hand, it will require a significant investment and time to develop native applications suited for each platform.

A simple solution to the above confusion is the cross-platform mobile application development. It uses a single framework and shared codebase to develop applications that are functional across multiple mobile platforms.

Cross platform mobile application development continues to trend till this date. It is considered as the best mobile app development platform. This development framework has successfully assisted enterprises to expedite application development lifecycle with minimal development effort and cost. Cross platform app development services have helped enterprises carve their niche in the mobile application market.

Top Benefits of Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

Cross platform mobile application development is ideal for enterprises who aim to create highly functional apps with cutting-edge user interfaces. This framework fulfils such an aim without overrunning the mobile app development budget. On this note, here’s looking at more such benefits of leveraging cross platform app development services:

Development Workload

Enterprises witness reduced developmental workload and resource requirement by investing in a cross platform mobile application development.

This is because developers are exempted from the need to write fresh codes for every single mobile platform. It eliminates the need to reconfigure the applications based on different codebases and separate testing for each platform.

Such benefits reduce the workload of developers. This gives them the breather to focus on other app development projects.

Easy to Integrate to the Cloud

Cross platform mobile applications can be readily integrated into the cloud settings by using different plugins.

It is easy to coordinate the single source code with multiple plugins and extensions. The ability to integrate a cross platform mobile app to the cloud makes the application extremely scalable and functional.

Easy Maintenance

It is easy to maintain cross platform application since it is based on a single codebase. Developers can make swift changes on the codebase for application maintenance purpose. Changes implemented on a single platform will be readily reflected across all the mobile platforms owing to a single codebase.

Any updates can be applied on the codebase that is quickly synced across all the platforms.

Highly Functional UI

Mobile apps with a functional and enterprise-level UI create an exceptional user experience irrespective of any platform. Some of the best cross-platform tools help developers incorporate advanced and mandatory features inside the mobile app. In addition, cross-platform mobile application developments offer countless native hardware functions that better the app’s overall quality.

Highly cost-effective

It is an expensive and difficult task to develop a mobile app on any platform (Android or iOS). A single platform development app will spike overheads, time, management, and developing costs. Engineering a native mobile app individually for iOS and Android platforms will double the costs.

Cross-platform app development services help reduce the development cost to half by creating a single functional version of the app suitable for both platforms. 

Consistent Platform

One of the most significant aspects of cross-platform development is that it provides good tools for any mobile app to perform all platform-based functions efficiently. The developing engineer does not have to worry about coding the app for one specific platform (iOS or Android). Even though different platforms have their unique set of features and functionalities, , an app designed through cross-platform developments, by default, will function consistently across all the platforms..

Some Well-known Cross-Platform App Development Services

●        Xamarin

●        Flutter

●        Adobe Phone Gap

●        Sencha

●        Appcelerator

●        React Native

●        5 Apps

Some other important cross-platform tools that different app developing firms can adapt are,

●        Kony

●        Corona

●        Qt

●        Unity 3D

●        Alpha

●        Ionic

How We Assist You in Leveraging Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks?

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Who We Are and What Makes Us as An Expert?

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