How ServiceNow helps your Employee workflow in the workplace


Positive employee experiences are critical to boosting the morale and productivity of your employees. It also helps in talent retention. You see, 85% of the new employees remain enthusiastic about their new organization. But only 63% can sustain it, leading to a 22% decline in satisfaction levels.

Now, when things don’t go in the right direction, how can you expect to deliver the best employee experiences? So, how do you steer the employee satisfaction ship in the right direction? ServiceNow, a digital workflow platform, can be a one-stop solution to all your problems. Let’s dive deep to understand the missing puzzle piece in your employee satisfaction strategy. 

Daily Workplace Experiences of Employees

  • 39% of employees spend close to an hour each week figuring out meeting rooms, desk space, and colleagues.
  • 50% of employees find it difficult to get updates or resolve issues related to their equipment on their own.
  • 41% of employees face difficulties in getting policy information related to HR and other departments.

The need for Putting Employees’ Interest Ahead of Everything

There can be several frustrating moments for employees if they cannot find the information they need to work satisfactorily. It will also lead to a decline in their happiness and satisfaction levels. When the morale of your employees is down, it will affect their productivity as well. All of this shows in the bottom line, and you cannot expect the desired results from your employees.

ServiceNow offers a cloud-based platform to digitize workflows. It helps in creating positive employee experiences and improved productivity at all levels. You would want to have a bunch of motivated people who are eager to help each other and grow along as the company progresses ahead. When you use ServiceNow, all of that can become a reality.

With streamlined information, you can experience that your employees are much more confident about themselves and efficient with their work. If you have a disgruntled workforce, it can prove to be detrimental for the entire organization. Negative vibes spread quickly, and even some of the most motivated employees might rethink their opinion of whether they are in the right organization.

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ServiceNow can help you bring together all the applications on a unified platform. So it doesn’t matter if your teams work across different locations and countries. All of them can access the same system and get everything they need in one place. There will be no scope for ambiguity as your employees can get their queries resolved in minutes through dedicated support. You can define responsibilities and assign them to concerned people in the team to look after.

How ServiceNow helps in Delivering a Positive Employee Onboarding Experience

Imagine the time when employees had to fill long and boring forms related to the onboarding process on the first day of their job. With the changing times and increasing digitization, it is becoming essential to do away with paperwork. For sure, onboarding a new employee can be complex as there can be several processes associated with it.

When the employee onboarding gets done manually, there is a possibility that it might take up to two weeks for the process to get completed. There will be several signatures needed for multiple forms. New employees will also have to provide identification and other documents. It can become overwhelming for them as they would already be under stress to understand their process-related activities. You would not want to have a negative experience for your employees first up in their journey. However, ServiceNow is here to make your life easy. 

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With the help of ServiceNow, you can have a hassle-free onboarding experience for your employees. When the new employee receives all the relevant information digitally in one place, it leads to a positive experience. You can also expect improved process efficiencies, transparency, and better retention of employees. Organizations can bring various departments related to employee onboarding on a single platform. It includes HR, IT, finance, etc.

Benefits of Outsourcing ServiceNow HR service delivery solutions

  1. Cost-savings

Automating HR services can lead to reduction in costs by 50%.

  1. Optimization of HR performance

Through HR service delivery solutions, you can gain insights into HR performance and identify areas for improvement. Using deep analytical capabilities, organizations can analyze performance to improve quality. 

  1. Expert and skilled support

With skilled and experienced resources, you can reap the benefits of digital workflows, unified self-service portals and virtual agents to empower employees to solve issues on their own. 

  1. Leveraging latest technologies

With technological advancements such as AI and ML, you can automate HR services to achieve streamlined and time-bound results.

  1. Short Turnaround

Time-bound and customisable solutions can be used to address issues in HR processes within short turnaround times.

Leveraging ServiceNow to improve employee experience

ServiceNow helps create a unified employee experience by integrating people, processes and technologies. Optimizing and digitizing HR workflows can help achieve increased employee satisfaction and profitability. According to research, positive employee experiences can result in a 25% increase in profitability. ServiceNow uses its multi-departmental portal to enable employees to work from anywhere across various digital platforms. This helps organizations drive employee productivity levels. It supports a hybrid work model with digital workplaces to improve employee engagement. ServiceNow assists organizations in effective employee experience management by improving employee onboarding, creating positive experiences, increasing productivity and revenues. By streamlining experiences across an employee’s journey in an organization, ServiceNow helps create positive employee experiences.

How ServiceNow helps in Digitizing Workflows

As a platform for digitized workflows, ServiceNow helps in the creation of well-defined processes and systems. You can expect a seamless system across the organization that boosts employee productivity. Ultimately, it will translate into better customer experiences. ServiceNow has a unified platform with a singular data model and architecture.

The workflows are not only for the employees but also for the systems and infrastructure in place. Over a while, it will also lead to an improvement in the process efficiencies. ServiceNow is reshaping the way people work. Whether it is web or mobile applications, social media platforms, or productivity tools, ServiceNow can improve cross-functional collaborations.

ServiceNow can also help reduce silos and make workflows efficient. When employees get all the information in one place, they can finish their tasks faster. It will also help them spend their time wisely on activities that help improve the bottom line of the organization. Nobody likes an organization where employees have to figure out things on their own and have long waiting periods to get their issues resolved. ServiceNow can help organizations overcome all these challenges and get a motivated and dedicated workforce.

93% executives and 83% employees in a survey remained concerned about remote working impacting the regular work in absence of digital transformations.

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