Manufacturing businesses need to ensure they deliver quality products at the best price point to remain relevant in the market. Technology is one aspect that will always help them achieve their goals. ServiceNow is one such technology that can act as an enabler to bring in a digital transformation. Today it’s the most promising technology for the manufacturing sector as it helps to scale your business through effortless workflows. Besides, it can help you leverage the benefit of the cloud and get a service-centered organization. In this article, we focus on how ServiceNow is setting the new benchmarks in the manufacturing industry.

How ServiceNow can help Manufacturing Companies get their Workflows Sorted

The absence of workflow in the manufacturing sector leads to lack of visibility, coordination, and control. The multiple moving parts in manufacturing plants leaves the manufacturing process at the mercy of outdated workflows built around phone calls, emails, and other informal communications methods. To top it, the work environment comprises disparate systems, workers, vendors’, and locations which together present an unclear view of data, making it very difficult to fully optimize on the floor operations.

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Breakdown Communication Silos

With ServiceNow, manufacturers can overcome this broken level of communication. How? The platform integrates and runs all the workflow applications of a plant on the Cloud and in the process makes all the plant’s process data visible and actionable in one place. As a result, plant-based data-silos get broken giving way to flow of highly controlled and usable data that can be used to understand immediate challenges and create opportunities.

Get Control Over Maintenance

With workflow application integration – it is possible to address the complexities of maintenance ranging from preventive to predictive. How? By dispatching correct resources to the exact machine as per a set schedule, in case of preventative maintenance, and by combining machine monitoring results with predictive algorithms in case of predictive maintenance.  In other words, digital workflow integration brought about by ServiceNow app can help handle a vast stream of maintenance data and optimize it for accurate prediction of a breakdown much before the breakdown actually happens.

Automate Field Service

On the service front, workflows built with ServiceNow platform  can make it effortless for the manufacturer to deliver seamless services to the end-customer. By leveraging ServiceNow’s Now™ Platform, manufacturers can develop workflow applications to automate the most common customer requests thereby satisfying the customer’s desire for immediate solutions. Likewise, the apps can be used to connect with field service representatives and assign and unassign tasks and tract their routes, progress, and issues.  This way companies can eliminate non-productive time and assign tasks automatically to the right field person at the right time.

With the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) in recent years, manufacturers can become serviced based instead of focusing on the delivery of products. They can get an extended reach for their products and services, and also transform their business model.

With ServiceNow you can get a single platform for enterprise service management It’s advanced automation and process workflow functions simplifies workflow process. With automated service relationships and optimized service model, you can meet the ever-changing market demands with ease.

As ServiceNow offers a unified platform, you can have a single system of record in place. Right from your IT teams to business units, everyone can get consistent enterprise services. In order to have optimized workflows, it is essential to have a frictionless system as chances of delays get minimized. When there are delays, it can affect your brand image. It is something you need to be wary of, especially in this digital age. ServiceNow helps avoid all these problems through a mature IT service model and custom applications.

Why Manufacturing Sector needs to Look at ServiceNow more than just an IT Technology

In a fiercely competitive world any modern-day manufacturer needs to:

  • Deliver the best customer experiences through automation and knowledgeable employees.
  • Improve employee onboarding and offboarding processes through process automation.
  • Improve the IT and enterprise service management capabilities.
  • Keep the inventory systems informed of updates no matter where they are located.
  • Overcome complexities and enable real-time reporting.

ServiceNow addresses each of these needs thereby making it a technology solution that you cannot afford to miss.

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