In July 2021, analyst and consulting firm Omdia named ServiceNow leader in the Omdia Universe: Selecting an AIOps Solution, 2021–22 report. The ITOM Predictive AIOps solution worked in favor of ServiceNow. They got ranked as the total capability top-scorer for the solution by registering a 96 percent score.

ServiceNow offers digital workflow solutions to simplify work processes for everyone. Through the ServiceNow ITSM platform, you can expect digital workflows that deliver excellent user experiences and improved productivity. Their Platform as a Service (PaaS) model offers technical management support for workflows across nine industries.

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The acquisition of Loom Systems made ServiceNow a better solutions provider of AIOps, Omdia noted. They also felt that it was one of the reasons why ServiceNow ITSM modules could cover all the desired capabilities and categories that Omdia wanted in an AIOps solution. 

Omdia also lauded ServiceNow’s focus towards transforming ITSM (IT service management) and how they have used a single platform to build ITSM and ITOM (IT operations management) solutions. According to Omdia, this aspect helps ITSM in ServiceNow in performance monitoring by leveraging the traditional data sources.

The Now Platform Quebec release and the ITOM Predictive AIOps solution help businesses in improving IT operations. They get the native AI features that detect problems in time and automate the resolution process. 

ITOM Enterprise Challenges for Businesses

Effective management of ITOM requires an integrated and service-centric approach. It should ultimately improve process efficiency, expand service levels, drive innovation, and make sure there is a scope for robust governance. However, unintegrated ITOM tools make this a far-fetched prospect. Such tools lead to complexities of the cloud platform and service outages. Even if businesses improve their investments on new tools, service outages do not help them succeed. These outages not only affect employees, service deliveries, and customer experiences. There is an overall loss of business reputation and financial damages.

Instead of having a consolidated IT infrastructure that offers a real-time view of business services, IT teams have to look for data from disparate monitoring tools. It doesn’t help the process of resolving service issues. The whole process becomes a struggle, which leads to further service outages. There are also challenges related to the management of complex cloud resources.

Some of the challenges related to the cloud include managing cloud environments, getting uneven service catalogs, and restricted availability of cloud resources. Furthermore, businesses often have high expectations from cloud resources regarding results.

How Does ServiceNow Help Improve ITOM 

IT teams get a broad overview of the infrastructure by mapping various services. These services and technologies like DevOps, IoT, and voice assistants get used by businesses to drive digital transformation. It leads to a situation where there is a significant increase in IT infrastructure, which calls for a robust management system for operations. 

One of the challenges IT teams face is speeding up service deliveries without compromising quality. However, the added infrastructure of technologies can make it difficult for IT teams to manage every service. There can also be inconsistencies due to a lack of service visibility. Certain business-critical services can get impacted if the response is not appropriate. 

ServiceNow has designed its ITOM solutions to overcome this problem. The ITOM solutions of ServiceNow offer several benefits to businesses. They make operations agile, improve the visibility of infrastructure, and prevent outages.

There are advanced automation solutions and service modelling capabilities on offer through the ITOM solutions of ServiceNow. These capabilities ensure complete accountability of the IT infrastructure. IT teams can also create better ITOM strategies by leveraging the power of automation. By automating manual tasks, they can focus more on servicing business goals that matter.

Businesses can expect streamlined IT operations as the ITOM solutions bring all services under one roof. It is also possible to assess the IT infrastructure health from the ITOM dashboard, which offers comprehensive insights into performance. The ITOM solutions make use of machine learning algorithms that uncover detailed analytics related to service deliveries.

If there are any discrepancies related to the infrastructure, ServiceNow’s ITOM will also suggest remedial measures. IT teams can respond well to the changing business needs by integrating new technologies with the platform. They can also monitor the performance of different applications and infrastructure. It will help businesses in making better investments in the future by understanding the strong points and weak links. 

Key Elements of the ServiceNow ITOM Platform 

Here are the six essential aspects that constitute the ITOM platform of ServiceNow:

  • Discovery

The discovery stores of ServiceNow ITSM features bring all the system records of IT infrastructure under one roof. These are often spread across various cloud resources and servers.

  • Event Management

IT teams can get all the data streamlined on a single dashboard. The Event Management function collates data from various monitoring tools. IT teams can understand the overall status of infrastructure services to identify discrepancies. If there are any issues, the dashboard will sound alert and also suggest remedial measures.

  • Operational Intelligence

ServiceNow ITSM platform uses machine learning tools to detect issues and prevent outages. It is an add-on to Event Management function.

  • Orchestration

It automates various tasks related to hardware, applications, services, and servers. IT teams can thus manage other tasks efficiently.

  • Service Mapping

It maps services to infrastructure components and applications. The mapping blueprint comes from the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

  • Cloud Management

IT teams get hybrid cloud services and no service disruptions through the unmatched capabilities of the cloud platform. It leads to an overall enhancement of the IT operations

Why Businesses Need To Implement ITOM Software?

ITOM helps organizations get better visibility into their infrastructure to optimize operations and expand agility.

  • Gain visibility into infrastructure and services – Businesses can take charge of their infrastructure and services from under a single platform. With greater visibility into infrastructure, they can improve service quality, optimize their infrastructure costs, and eliminate software compliance issues.
  • Resolve issues effectively – With ITOM solutions, businesses can reduce service outages and resolve issues in a timely and effective manner using AIOps.
  • Cost-effectiveness – ITOM software proves to be cost-effective by eliminating lack of interconnectedness and inefficient communication. Being able to monitor all services and assets on a single platform helps in saving costs.  
  • Scalability – ITOM software assists in integration of data and new services to scale business operations.
  • Speed – ITOM software promotes implementation and deployment of complex services to meet rising customer demands. They allow automation to replace manual tasks in a secure way.
  • Adaptive capacity – In a complex IT environment, adapting processes to changing eco-systems ensures speed and agility. ITOM software provides these functionalities in a cost-effective and quality-centric manner.
  • Improved communication ITOM software helps streamline communication channels within an organization due to access and visibility to infrastructure and services.

Who We Are and What Makes Us a Preferred ServiceNow Partner?

FlatworldEDGE is a leading ServiceNow partner that can help you get better visibility of your IT infrastructure and services. We assist you leverage the ITOM solutions of ServiceNow, to make your operations agile and prevent service outages. Our services also improve your cloud strategy and automate processes that enable your IT teams to work productively on meaningful tasks.

We’re here to help you realize the true potential of ServiceNow ITOM. Contact us today for a quick chat on how we can make that possible for you.